Requirements for completion of the qualification

The following provides the packaging rules for this qualification, followed by the list of relevant units of competency.

Successful completion of twelve (12) units of competency made up of:

eight (8) core units, and

four (4) elective units of which:

up to four (4) may be chosen from the electives

up to two (2) may be chosen from Certificate III, Certificate IV or Diploma level from this, or any other Training Package or accredited course

Units chosen must be relevant to the job function.

There are prerequisites to imported units listed in this qualification. Where a unit is imported as an elective care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisites specified are complied with.

Core units of competency

Unit code

Unit title

add topic BSBLED401A

Develop teams and individuals

add topic RIIWHS405D

Maintain standard procedures and safe working practices

add topic RIIERR304D

Control emergencies and critical situations

add topic RIIOGD401D

Rig up, conduct pre-spud operations and rig down

add topic RIIOGD402D

Participate in nippling-up and pressure test

add topic RIIOGD403D

Conduct drilling operations

add topic RIIOGD405D

Carry out well control and blow out prevention

add topic RIIRIS301D

Apply risk management processes


Unit code

Unit title

add topic RIIOGD304D

Apply effective coal seam gas control practices

add topic RIIOGD305D

Apply blow out prevention operational procedures

add topic RIIOGD404D

Coordinate air drilling operations

add topic BSBCUS401B

Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies


Provide first aid


Provide advanced first aid

add topic MSAPMPER300C

Issue work permits

Prerequisite unit: add topic RIIRIS201B Conduct local risk control

add topic RIIERR401D

Apply and monitor surface operations emergency preparedness and response procedures

add topic RIIQUA401D

Apply a quality management system on site

add topic RIISAM314D

Manage oil and gas drilling equipment maintenance

add topic TAEASS401B

Plan and organise assessment

add topic TAEASS402B

Assess competence

add topic TAEASS403B

Participate in assessment validation

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.