12 units must be completed:

3 core units

9 elective units consisting of:

a maximum of 2 units from Group A: Work Health and Safety

a minimum of 4 elective units must be selected from the General elective units listed below

a maximum of 4 elective units, first packaged at AQF level 2 or 3, may be selected from elsewhere in SIF Funeral Services Training Package or any other current Training Package or accredited course. Refer to the AQF packaging of Funeral Services units in the Companion Volume Implementation Guide.

In all cases, selection of electives must be guided by the job outcome, local industry requirements and the characteristics of this qualification (as per the AQF descriptors).

Core units

add topic SIFXCSS001

Provide service to clients

add topic SIFXIND002

Work effectively in the funeral services industry

add topic SIFXIND003

Deal with grief responses

Elective units

Group A: Work Health and Safety

add topic SIFCWHS001

Identify hazards and assess risks in a cemetery or crematorium

add topic SIFEWHS001

Follow mortuary work health and safety procedures

add topic SIFXWHS001

Follow work health and safety procedures

add topic SIFXWHS002

Follow infection and contamination control procedures

General elective units

Building and Grounds Maintenance

add topic AHCPGD201A

Plan trees and shrubs

add topic AHCPGD203A

Prune shrubs and small trees

add topic AHCPMG202A

Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders

add topic SIFCBGM001

Provide general grounds care

add topic SIFCBGM002

Maintain property and structures

Burial and Cremation Operations

add topic SIFCBCR001

Bury coffins and caskets

add topic SIFCBCR002

Backfill and make good graves

add topic SIFCBCR003

Dig graves manually

Business Administration

add topic BSBINM201

Process and maintain workplace information

add topic BSBWOR204

Use business technology

Funeral Operations

add topic SIFFFNL001

Assist with the conduct of funerals

add topic SIFFFNL002

Transfer deceased persons

add topic SIFFFNL003

Transfer coffins and caskets

Mortuary Work and Embalming

add topic SIFEMWK001

Encoffin deceased persons

add topic SIFEMWK002

Clean and sterilise mortuary items and equipment


add topic BSBSUS201

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


add topic SIFXVHC001

Drive funeral vehicles

add topic SIFXVHC002

Inspect and maintain vehicles and equipment

Work Health and Safety

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid