14 units must be completed:

5 core units

9 elective units comprised of:

a minimum of 5 elective units must be selected from the elective units listed below

a maximum of 4 elective units, first packaged at AQF level 3, 4 or 5 may be selected from elsewhere in SIF Funeral Services Training Package, or any other current Training Package or accredited course. Refer to the AQF packaging of Funeral Services units in the Companion Volume Implementation Guide.

In all cases, selection of electives must be guided by the job outcome, local industry requirements and the characteristics of this qualification (as per the AQF descriptors).

Core units

add topic SIFXIND002

Work effectively in the funeral services industry

add topic SIFXIND003

Deal with grief responses

add topic SIFXMGT001

Coordinate teams

add topic SIFXMGT003

Supervise staff

add topic SIFXWHS003

Implement and monitor work health and safety procedures

Elective units

Administration and Quality

add topic SIFXADQ001

Control and order goods

add topic SIFXADQ002

Conduct internal quality audits

add topic SIFXADQ003

Monitor contracted services and supplies

Building and Grounds Maintenance

add topic SIFCBGM007

Evaluate building and grounds maintenance and development needs

add topic SIFCBGM008

Coordinate building and grounds maintenance and development

Cemetery and Crematoria Administration and Coordination

add topic AHCWRK305A

Coordinate work site activities

add topic SIFCCAC002

Schedule burials or cremations

add topic SIFCCAC005

Coordinate chapel operations

add topic SIFCCAC006

Manage lift and reposition or deepen operations

add topic SIFCCAC007

Arrange and oversee viewings of cremations

add topic SIFCCAC008

Coordinate burial works

add topic SIFCCAC009

Coordinate monument installations

add topic SIFCCAC010

Supervise burials

add topic SIFCCAC011

Supervise cremations

add topic SIFCCAC012

Supervise exhumations

Client Service and Sales

add topic SIFXCSS002

Advise on funeral and burial products and services

add topic SIFXCSS003

Advise on pre-need funeral and burial products and services

add topic SIFXCSS005

Lead customer service teams

Contract Management

add topic TLIR4002A

Source goods/services and evaluate contractors

add topic TLIR4003A

Negotiate a contract

Event Management

add topic SITXEVT504

Organise event infrastructure

add topic SITXEVT505

Manage on-site event operations

Funeral Operations

add topic SIFFFNL004

Arrange and oversee viewings

add topic SIFFFNL005

Arrange funerals

add topic SIFFFNL006

Arrange intrastate and interstate repatriations

add topic SIFFFNL007

Arrange international repatriations

add topic SIFFFNL008

Coordinate funeral operations

add topic SIFFFNL009

Conduct funerals

add topic SIFFFNL010

Plan and conduct funeral ceremonies

Human Resources

add topic SIRXHRM001A

Administer human resources policy

add topic SIRXHRM002A

Recruit and select personnel


add topic SIFXIND004

Participate in industry networks

Marketing and Public Relations

add topic SIFXMPR002

Make presentations to community groups

add topic SIFXMPR003

Prepare and conduct tours

add topic SIFXMPR004

Liaise with the media

add topic SIFXMPR005

Develop marketing strategies and activities

add topic SITXMPR401

Coordinate production of brochures and marketing material

Small Business Management

add topic BSBSMB402

Plan small business finances

add topic BSBSMB404

Undertake small business planning

add topic BSBSMB405

Monitor and manage small business operations

add topic BSBSMB406

Manage small business finances


add topic BSBSUS301

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Training and Education

add topic TAEDEL301A

Provide work skill instruction

Work Health and Safety

add topic SIFCWHS001

Identify hazards and assess risks in a cemetery or crematorium

add topic SIFEWHS002

Review and develop mortuary work health and safety policies and procedures

add topic SIFXWHS004

Implement and monitor infection and contamination control practices