15 units must be completed:

7 core units

8 elective units, consisting of:

1 unit from Group A

5 units from Group B

2 units from Group B, Group C, elsewhere in the SIT Training Package, or any other current Training Package or accredited course.

The selection of electives must be guided by the job outcome sought, local industry requirements and the complexity of skills appropriate to the AQF level of this qualification.

Core units

add topic BSBWOR203

Work effectively with others

add topic SITHIND002

Source and use information on the hospitality industry

add topic SITHIND004

Work effectively in hospitality service

add topic SITXCCS006

Provide service to customers

add topic SITXCOM002

Show social and cultural sensitivity

add topic SITXHRM001

Coach others in job skills

add topic SITXWHS001

Participate in safe work practices

Elective units

Group A

add topic SITHIND001

Use hygienic practices for hospitality service

add topic SITXFSA001

Use hygienic practices for food safety

Group B

Accommodation Services - Front Office, Housekeeping and Porting

add topic CPPCLO2001A

Maintain hard floor surfaces

add topic CPPCLO2004A

Maintain carpeted floors

add topic CPPCLO2009A

Clean glass surfaces

add topic CPPCLO2010A

Clean ceiling surfaces and fittings

add topic CPPCLO2017A

Clean wet areas

add topic CPPCLO2019A

Sort and remove waste and recyclable materials

add topic CPPCLO2035A

Maintain cleaning storage areas

add topic CPPCLO3013A

Clean window coverings

add topic CPPCLO3016A

Wash furniture and fittings

add topic SITHACS001

Clean premises and equipment

add topic SITHACS002

Provide housekeeping services to guests

add topic SITHACS003

Prepare rooms for guests

add topic SITHACS004

Launder linen and guest clothes

add topic SITHACS005

Provide porter services

add topic SITHACS006

Provide valet services

add topic SITHACS007

Conduct night audit

add topic SITHACS008

Provide accommodation reception services

add topic SITTTSL007

Process reservations

add topic SITTTSL010

Use a computerised reservations or operations system

Client and Customer Service, and Sales

add topic SIRXSLS001

Sell to the retail customer

add topic SIRXPDK001

Advise on products and services

add topic SITXCCS002

Provide visitor information

add topic SITXCCS004

Provide lost and found services

add topic SITXCCS005

Provide club reception services

Commercial Cookery and Catering, and Kitchen Operations

add topic SITHCCC002

Prepare and present simple dishes

add topic SITHCCC003

Prepare and present sandwiches

add topic SITHCCC004

Package prepared foodstuffs

add topic SITHCCC006

Prepare appetisers and salads

add topic SITHKOP001

Clean kitchen premises and equipment

Computer Operations and ICT Management

add topic BSBITU202

Create and use spreadsheets

add topic BSBITU301

Create and use databases

add topic BSBITU306

Design and produce business documents


add topic BSBFIA301

Maintain financial records

add topic SITXFIN001

Process financial transactions

Food and Beverage

add topic SIRRRPK006A

Recommend liquor products

add topic SITHFAB001

Clean and tidy bar areas

add topic SITHFAB002

Provide responsible service of alcohol

add topic SITHFAB003

Operate a bar

add topic SITHFAB004

Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages

add topic SITHFAB005

Prepare and serve espresso coffee

add topic SITHFAB006

Provide room service

add topic SITHFAB007

Serve food and beverage

add topic SITHFAB008

Operate and monitor cellar systems

add topic SITHFAB009

Conduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages

add topic SITHFAB010

Prepare and serve cocktails

add topic SITHFAB011

Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs

add topic SITHFAB012

Provide advice on Australian wines

add topic SITHFAB013

Provide advice on imported wines

add topic SITHFAB014

Provide table service of food and beverage

add topic SITHFAB015

Provide silver service

add topic SITHFAB016

Provide advice on food

add topic SITHFAB017

Provide advice on food and beverage matching

add topic SITHFAB018

Provide gueridon service

Food Safety

add topic SITXFSA001

Use hygienic practices for food safety

add topic SITXFSA002

Participate in safe food handling practices

add topic SITXFSA003

Transport and store food


add topic SITHGAM001

Provide responsible gambling services

add topic SITHGAM002

Attend gaming machines

add topic SITHGAM003

Operate a TAB outlet

add topic SITHGAM004

Conduct Keno games

add topic SITHGAM005

Analyse and report on gaming machine data

add topic SITHGAM006

Deal Baccarat games

add topic SITHGAM007

Conduct Big Wheel games

add topic SITHGAM008

Deal Blackjack games

add topic SITHGAM009

Deal Poker games

add topic SITHGAM010

Deal Pontoon games

add topic SITHGAM011

Conduct Rapid Roulette games

add topic SITHGAM012

Conduct Roulette games

add topic SITHGAM013

Conduct Sic Bo games

add topic SITHGAM015

Attend casino gaming machines

add topic SITHGAM016

Deal Caribbean Stud games

add topic SITHGAM017

Deal Casino War games

add topic SITHGAM018

Deal Mississippi Stud games

add topic SITHGAM019

Conduct Rapid Baccarat games

add topic SITHGAM020

Conduct Rapid Big Wheel games

add topic SITHGAM021

Deal Three Card Poker games

Working in industry

add topic SITHIND001

Use hygienic practices for hospitality service

Group C


add topic TLIE1005

Carry out basic workplace calculations

Communication and Teamwork

add topic BSBCMM201

Communicate in the workplace

add topic SITXCOM001

Source and present information

add topic SITXCOM004

Address protocol requirements


add topic SITXEBS001

Use social media in a business

Environmental Sustainability

add topic BSBSUS201

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

First Aid

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid


add topic SITXINV001

Receive and store stock

add topic SITXINV002

Maintain the quality of perishable items

add topic SITXINV003

Purchase goods

Languages other than English

add topic SITXLAN001

Conduct basic oral communication in a language other than English

add topic SITXLAN002

Conduct routine oral communication in a language other than English


add topic CPPSEC2012A

Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour

Work Health and Safety

add topic SITXWHS002

Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.