24 units must be completed:

16 core units

8 elective units, consisting of:

4 units from the list below

4 units from the list below, elsewhere in the SIT Training Package, or any other Training Package or accredited course.

The selection of electives must be guided by the job outcome sought, local industry requirements and the complexity of skills appropriate to the AQF level of this qualification.

Core units

add topic BSBMGT608

Manage innovation and continuous improvement

add topic BSBRSK501

Manage risk

add topic BSBSUS501

Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

add topic BSBWRT401

Write complex documents

add topic SITEEVT008

Manage event staging components

add topic SITEEVT011

Research event trends and practice

add topic SITEEVT012

Develop event concepts

add topic SITEEVT013

Determine event feasibility

add topic SITEEVT014

Develop and implement event management plans

add topic SITXCCS008

Develop and manage quality customer service practices

add topic SITXFIN004

Prepare and monitor budgets

add topic SITXGLC001

Research and comply with regulatory requirements

add topic SITXHRM003

Lead and manage people

add topic SITXMGT002

Establish and conduct business relationships

add topic SITXMPR007

Develop and implement marketing strategies

add topic SITXWHS004

Establish and maintain a work health and safety system

Elective units


add topic BSBADM502

Manage meetings

Communication and Teamwork

add topic BSBCMM401

Make a presentation

add topic SITXCOM004

Address protocol requirements

add topic SITXCOM005

Manage conflict

Creative and Technical Production

add topic CUAPPM503

Incorporate creative and technical needs into management processes

add topic CUAPPM601

Manage pre-production for shows and events

add topic CUASMT501

Stage manage productions and events

add topic CUASMT503

Develop and maintain production documents

add topic CUFPPM408A

Compile production schedules

add topic CUFPPM409A

Organise and facilitate rehearsals

add topic CULEVP501A

Coordinate the installation and dismantling of exhibitions

Crisis Management

add topic SITXCRI002

Manage a business continuity crisis


add topic BSBEBU501

Investigate and design e-business solutions

add topic SITXEBS002

Develop, implement and monitor the use of social media in a business

Events and Exhibitions

add topic CULEVP504A

Develop exhibition concepts

add topic CULMS008B

Conceive, develop and realise exhibition designs

add topic SITEEVT006

Develop conference programs

add topic SITEEVT007

Select event venues and sites

add topic SITEEVT009

Organise event infrastructure

add topic SITEEVT010

Manage on-site event operations

add topic SITEEVT015

Develop event transport plans

add topic SITEEVT016

Develop crowd management plans

add topic SITEEVT017

Develop multi-venue event plans

add topic SITEEVT018

Plan and allocate exhibition space

add topic SITEEVT019

Recruit and manage exhibitors


add topic BSBFIM601

Manage finances

add topic SITXFIN002

Interpret financial information

add topic SITXFIN005

Manage physical assets

add topic SITXFIN006

Manage revenue

Human Resource Management

add topic BSBDIV501

Manage diversity in the workplace

add topic SITXHRM004

Recruit, select and induct staff

add topic SITXHRM005

Manage volunteers

add topic SITXHRM006

Monitor staff performance

Management and Leadership

add topic BSBMGT617

Develop and implement a business plan

Marketing and Public Relations

add topic BSBMKG509

Implement and monitor direct marketing activities

add topic BSBMKG607

Manage market research

add topic CUVPUB501A

Develop and manage public relations strategies

add topic SITXMPR006

Obtain and manage sponsorship

add topic SITXMPR008

Prepare and present proposals

Planning and Product Development

add topic SITTPPD007

Research and analyse tourism data

Venue and Facility Operations

add topic CPPDSM5027A

Provide facilities and amenities for property users

add topic CUAFOH501

Manage front of house services

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.