An entry level qualification at AQF Level1 for the Maritime Sector of the Transport&Distribution Industry.

Successful completion will require competency in units that relate to work defined as aligned at AQF Level1:

'Breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge and skills would prepare a person to perform a defined range of activities most of which may be routine and predictable. Applications may include a variety of employment-related skills including preparatory access and participation skills, broad-based induction skills and/or specific workplace skills. They may also include participation in a team or work group'.


Requirements for completion of the qualification:

A successful outcome of five units of competency which must include:

the two units listed below, plus

at least three additional units to satisfy specific additional employment needs beyond the minimum mandatory requirements.

Three additional units are listed below under additional requirements as a recommended skills set in addition to the mandatory requirements for persons seeking to be employed a General Purpose Hand.





Operational Quality

and Safety

add topic TDMMF1107B

Survive at sea in the event of vessel abandonment

add topic TDMMF5707A

Assist in safe operations and emergency procedures on a coastal vessel Note1

Note 1:add topic TDMMF5707A is a new unit incorporating the relevant components of the previous four units add topic TDMMF701B Observe safe working practices, add topic TDMMF801B Comply with emergency procedures add topic TDMMF5302A Fight and extinguish fires on board a commercial vessel and add topic TDMMF1201A Minimise the risk of fire and maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fire.

The new unit has been specially tailored to align with the 'Guidelines for On-board Safety Training - Australian Domestic Vessels' published by the National Marine Safety Committee (NMSC) (2000) and relevant regulations of the State and Territory Marine Authorities. (Persons satisfying requirement for this unit may be required to undertake further study and assessment to fulfil the pre-sea safety requirements of Marine Authorities for Coxswain and Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 and other marine occupations described in Part D of the National Standard for Commercial Vessels).


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

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