An entry level qualification at AQF Level1 for shore-based linespersons in the Maritime Sector of the Transport&Distribution Industry.

Successful completion will require competency in units that relate to work defined as aligned at AQF Level1:

'Breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge and skills would prepare a person to perform a defined range of activities most of which may be routine and predictable. Applications may include a variety of employment-related skills including preparatory access and participation skills, broad-based induction skills and/or specific workplace skills. They may also include participation in a team or work group'.


Requirements for completion of the qualification:

A successful outcome of the six units of competency listed below.

Additional units may be included within the qualification if required to meet any specific needs beyond the minimum mandatory requirements.





Load Handling

add topic TDTD197B

Shift materials safely using manual handling methods



add topic TDMME907A

Communicate during shore-based mooring and untying operations


Operational Quality

and Safety

add topic TDMMF1007B

Provide elementary first aid

add topic TDMMF6007A

Follow OH&S and emergency procedures during shore-based mooring operations



add topic TDTG197B

Work effectively with others


Carry Out Operations on Equipment and Systems

add topic TDMMR5607A

Carry out shore-based mooring and untying operations


The additional unitlisted below or relevant units from this or other Training Packages Note1 may be included in the qualification to satisfy specific additional needs beyond the minimum mandatory requirements.



add topic TDMMO107A

Follow maritime security procedures

Note1:Where units of competency are included from another Training Package, Registered Training Organisations should check the National Training Information System (NTIS) or check the National Training Information System (NTIS) or contact the Industry Skills Council responsible for the Training Package concerned to check if the unit has any prerequisite or corequisite requirements


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills Summary for

TDM10207C ertificate I in Transport & Distribution (Maritime Operations - Shore-based Linesperson)

The following table contains a summary of the employability skills as identified by the maritime industry for this qualification. This table should be interpreted in conjunction with the detailed requirements of each unit of competency packaged in this qualification. The outcomes described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


Interpret and carry out verbal instructions from other team members, pilot and tug and vessel crews

Read and interpret basic documents such as routine instructions, workplace signage, work schedules and rosters

Provide information to other crew and passengers as part of GP hand duties

Give, recognise and interpret hand signals, nods, gestures, muster signals, and other forms of basic non-verbal communication and behaviour


Work collaboratively with other team members and ship-based personnel

Recognise and adapt appropriately to cultural and language differences in the workplace

Recognise factors that may cause interpersonal relationship problems and assist appropriately to avoid or overcome the identified problems

Contribute appropriately to resolve conflicts by actively participate in appropriate mediation and conflict resolution procedures

Contribute actively to avoid discrimination and harassment

Problem solving

Recognise and either report or solve basic routine problems within work activities

Carry out basic routine calculations required as part of work activities

Recognise a security or safety risk and take action to report/rectify the risk

Initiative and enterprise

Adjust work procedures to differences in equipment and facilities and changes in work environment (e.g. type of vessel, tides, weather and sea conditions)

Take correct action and follow established procedures on discovery of an actual or potential emergency, security or safety hazard

Planning and organising

Interpret work schedules and rosters to plan the timing and sequence of individual and teamwork activities


Work individually and with other team members on a coastal vessel to ensure that work tasks are completed safely, efficiently, effectively, on-time and in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements

Apply basic safety and emergency practices, precautions and procedures

Acknowledge, discuss and act upon feedback provided by senior team members on assessed work performance


Adapt to differences in equipment, vessels, wharf facilities and operate procedures

Update knowledge and skills to accommodate changes in equipment and operate procedures


Select and use ropes, tools and equipment required in work activities of a shore-based linesperson

Select and use safety and emergency and equipment

Recognise and report faulty ropes and equipment

Follow OH&S procedures when using ropes and equipment