Certificate IV in Gas Industry Transmission Pipeline

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Completion requirements

The requirements for granting this qualification will be met when competency is demonstrated and achieved for:

1. All the Core Units, and

2. The completion of a minimum of 250 points from Schedule 4A of the Schedule of Elective Competency Standard Units. Schedule 4A forms an integral part of this qualification.

Core UnitsAll acquired

add topic UEGNSG302A

Maintain pipeline easements

add topic UEGNSG303A

Ground transmission pipeline surveillance

add topic UEGNSG308A

Identify, evaluate and control threats to transmission pipelines

add topic UEGNSG309A

First on site emergency response

add topic UEGNSG310A

Supervise and monitor contract staff

add topic UEGNSG311A

Site control of third party works in the vicinity of a transmission pipeline

Elective UnitsAcquire any combination of Elective Group Units having a total sum of at least 250 weighting points from Schedule 4A. Schedule 4A forms an integral part of this qualification.


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

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