Certificate III in ESI Generation (Systems Operations)

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Completion requirements

The requirements for granting this qualification is the successful completion:

1. All the Core Units (no weighting attached to Core Units) and the required stream core units for the qualification - Certificate II in ESI Generation (Operations Support), and

2. Six (6) of seven (7) nominated Stream Core Units (no weighting points attached to Stream Core Units). Unit/s not selected as Stream Core could be used as Electives, and

3. Any combination of Elective Units from Schedules 1 and 2 detailed in the Schedule of Electives within this Qualification Structure where the sum of the weighting value is no less than 450points (with a minimum of 225 weighting points drawn from Schedule 2), or,

4. Imported Units from any other Training Package at a similar AQF level qualification. Imported Units must be approved and valued by the National Generation Training Group for them to contribute to the required 450points, and

5. All Prerequisite requirements (no weighting points).


Schedules 1 and 2 forms an integral part of this qualification

Only units nominated as Core and Stream Core units can be recognised when they appear as Core or Stream Core in another qualification.

No provision exists for the double counting of Core and Steam Core Units as Elective Unit points towards a second qualification.

Once an Elective Unit of Competence has been achieved and the points gained have counted towards a qualification the points cannot be used again to contribute towards any other qualification.

Core Units - All required

add topic UEPOPS201A

Comply with Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

add topic UEPOPS202A

Apply Quality Systems to Work

add topic UEPOPS203A

Operate and Monitor Communications Systems

add topic UEPOPS204A

Maintain and Utilise Records

add topic UEPOPS356A

Apply Environmental and Sustainable Energy Procedures

And the required stream core units for the qualification - Certificate II in ESI Generation (Operations Support)

Stream Core - Must have 6 of 7 units

add topic BSBCMN302A

Plan and Organise Own Work

add topic UEPOPS208A

Operate Local Systems

add topic UEPOPS301A

Conduct Single Energy Source Isolation Procedures for Permit to Work

add topic UEPOPS317A

Operate and Monitor Fixed Fire Protection Systems

add topic UEPOPS439A

Plan and Organise Work

add topic UEPOPS344A

Interpret and Analyse Single Operation Protection Devices

add topic UEPOPS347A

Operate and Monitor Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition Systems

Elective Units - 450 points from any combination of units from Schedules 1&2 (with a minimum of 225 weighting points drawn from Schedule 2)

End of qualification


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

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