Statement of Attainment

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These competencies from the TLI10 Transport and Logistics Training Package meet the needs of protection officer duties. The competencies are drawn from a nationally endorsed Training Package, and provide the skills and knowledge for a person working as a possession protection officer operating within the general rail infrastructure environment.


This is a skill set used in the role of possession protection officer within the general rail infrastructure environment that is required to plan and implement track possession protection.


The TLI10 Plan Track Possessions Protection Skill Set consists of:

A total of 4 units of competency must be completed.


add topic TLIF2080A

Safely access the rail corridor

add topic TLIF3083A

Conduct track protection assessment

add topic TLIL3067A

Implement planned track possession protection

add topic TLIC2053A

Escort rail traffic to worksite within occupancy/possession limits


This skill set targets anyone who is required to plan and implement track possession protection as part of their job role as a protection officer. It is not aligned to any specific qualification and can be achieved separately.