The HLT07 Renal care skill set - Aboriginal and_or Torres Strait Islander primary health care (practice) pathway consists of:


s into the qualification

This qualification has no formal entry requirement. However, it should be noted that this qualification does not supply operational or technical skills. Most enterprises will expect technical skills relevant to their operations or equivalent vocational experience and for this reason the qualification is unlikely to be suitable for direct entry from school.

s from the qualification

Further training s from this qualification include the MSS50111 Diploma of Sustainable Operations.

Additional qualification advice

This qualification provides the skills needed to measure current sustainability performance and to establish processes for improved sustainability performance within small and medium enterprises as well as sections or stages of production in larger organisations. It complements but does not duplicate qualifications supplying production, maintenance, logistics or other technical skills to industry. Where these skills are required appropriate qualifications from Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA) and other Industry Skill Council (ISC) Training Packages should be considered.