Statement of Attainment

Suggested words for Statement of Attainment

These competencies from PMA08 Chemical, Hydrocarbons&Refining Training Package meet basic industry requirements for emergency centre members.


Significant incidents will require a support team operating from the emergency centre to assist with the management of an incident. These may be operational or support staff who require specific competencies to undertake this work.


The PMA08 Emergency centre team consists of:


add topic PMAOMIR320B Manage incident response information

add topic PMAOMIR317B Facilitate search and rescue operations

add topic PMAOMIR449B Monitor legal compliance obligations during incidents

add topic PMAOMIR523B Manage corporate media requirements in a crisis

add topic PMAOMIR575B Coordinate welfare support activities in response to an incident

In some situations it may be appropriate to add:

add topic PMAOMIR424B Develop community awareness networks.


These units of competency can provide credit towards Certificates III and IV and the Diploma in PMA08 Chemical, Hydrocarbons&Refining Training Package.