Statement of Attainment

These competencies meet the industry welfare and quality assurance requirements for stockperson supervisors working in the pork industry.


Individuals who are working as pig health supervisors in the pork production industry.


The Pig Health Supervisor Skill Set consists of:

Complete 6 units of competency.

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCLSK304

Carry out post-mortem examination of livestock

add topic AHCLSK307

Euthanase Livestock

add topic AHCLSK404

Implement and monitor animal welfare programs

add topic AHCLSK409

Supervise animal health programs

add topic AHCCHM304

Transport and store chemicals

add topic AHCNAR302

Collect and preserve biological samples


These units provide credit towards the following Certificates:

AHC30416 Certificate III in Pork Production

AHC40116 Certificate IV in Agriculture