Statement of Attainment

These Units from the MSL09 Laboratory Operations Training Package meet the requirements for conducting rapid tests for pathogens in meat processing laboratories as described in the Department of Agriculture’s approved methods for microbiological testing of meat and meat products.


This Skill Set is for meat industry laboratory workers who are required to perform rapid tests for pathogens as described in the Department of Agriculture approved methods for microbiological testing of meat and meat products.


The Meat Industry Microbiological Testing Skill Set consists of:

Complete 15 units of competency.

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic MSL933001

Maintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose

add topic MSL973002

Prepare working solutions

add topic MSL973003

Prepare culture media

add topic MSL973004

Perform aseptic techniques

add topic MSL933004

Perform calibration checks on equipment and assist with its maintenance

add topic MSL934003

Maintain and control stocks

add topic MSL935002

Assist in the maintenance of reference materials

add topic MSL953001

Receive and prepare samples for testing

add topic MSL974006

Perform biological procedures

add topic MSL973007

Perform microscopic examination

add topic MSL974004

Perform food tests

add topic MSL975001

Perform microbiological tests

add topic MSL924001

Process and interpret data

add topic MSL925001

Analyse data and report results

add topic MSL935003

Authorise the issue of test results


These competencies can provide credit towards:

MSL44109 Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques (Meat Processing) and

MSL54109 Diploma of Laboratory Technology (Meat Processing)

Qualifications from the vocational training and education sector articulate directly into tertiary qualifications, so advanced standing would be given towards a degree level qualification.