Statement of Attainment

This Skill Set from the AMP Australian Meat Industry Training Package meets the industry requirements for the inclusion of cooked fermented products in a meat retailing product range.


This Skill Set is for meat retailers who wish to include cooked fermented products with their existing product range.


The Produce Cooked Fermented Meat Products Skill Set consists of:

Complete 11 units of competency.

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPCOR202

Apply hygiene and sanitation practices

add topic AMPCOR404

Facilitate hygiene and sanitation performance

add topic AMPX214

Package meat and smallgoods product for retail sale

add topic AMPX305

Smoke product

add topic AMPR321

Collect and prepare standard samples

add topic AMPS207

Slice product using simple machinery

add topic AMPS301

Cook, steam and cool product

add topic AMPS314

Ferment and mature product

add topic AMPX402

Monitor and overview the production of processed meats and smallgoods

add topic AMPX403

Monitor and overview the production of Uncooked Comminuted Fermented Meat (UCFM)

add topic AMPX420

Participate in the ongoing development and implementation of a HACCP and Quality Assurance system


The units of competency comprising the Produce Cooked Fermented Meat Products Skill Set are drawn from AQF levels II, III and IV in the meat processing qualifications, and can be counted towards these qualifications where this is in accordance with the qualification requirements.