Statement of Attainment

These units from CPP07 Property Services Training Package meet industry requirements for testing and maintaining fixed fire extinguishing systems.


This skill set is for people who test and maintain a gaseous fire extinguishing system (fire protection equipment), including to:


test actuation release systems; and


disconnect and reconnect actuation devices (mechanisms); and


disconnect and reconnect any interconnections to other gaseous systems containers; and


disconnect and reconnect ancillary equipment connections from containers to manifold and pipework; and


test actuation devices (mechanisms); and


perform any tests and maintenance on any Fire Detection and Alarm System, including any remote operation panel and actuation and control system that interfaces with or forms part of a gaseous fire extinguishing system; and


perform any tests and maintenance on gaseous agent containers and ancillary equipment connections from containers to manifold and pipework.

Note: This licence does not entitle the licensee to perform in situ liquid level testing that does not involve any of the actions in paragraphs (a) to (f).


The Test and Maintain Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems Skill Set consists of:

add topic CPPCMN2002A

Participate in workplace safety arrangements

add topic CPPFES2003A

Safely move loads and dangerous goods

add topic CPPFES2006A

Prepare for installation and servicing operations

add topic CPPFES2025A

Inspect, test and maintain gaseous fire-suppression systems

add topic CPPFES2043A

Prevent ozone depleting substance and synthetic greenhouse gas emissions

add topic CPPFES2047A

Inspect and test control and indicating equipment

add topic CPPFES3046A

Decommission gaseous agent containers and actuators


Completion of these units provides credit towards CPP20511 Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing and CPP30811 Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing.

This skill set meets the full licensing requirements of the Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence: Fixed System Testing and Maintenance.