Statement of Attainment

These competencies meet the industry requirements for providing basic fitness training to small groups in a Defence operational setting.


SRF unit has been imported from the SRF04 Fitness Industry Training Package.

SRS and SRX units have been imported from the SRS03 Outdoor Recreation Training Package.


Readers should ensure that they have also read the part of the Training Package that outlines licensing and regulatory requirements.


The combat fitness leader is a member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who provides basic organic fitness training support to small groups or organisations in an operational setting.

This function is performed in addition to their primary trade or employment, under indirect supervision from a physical training specialist.


The Combat fitness leader consists of:

add topic DEFCM004B

Instruct a workplace physical training session in Defence

add topic DEFPT001A

Conduct a group fitness appraisal within Defence

add topic DEFPT002A

Develop a group fitness program within Defence

add topic DEFPT003A

Conduct individual fitness assessments within Defence

add topic SRFFIT005B

Apply basic exercise science to exercise instruction

add topic SRSSPT005A

Conduct basic warm-up, stretching and cool-down programs

add topic SRXGRO001A

Facilitate a group


These units are stand alone and do not provide credit towards a specific qualification.

However, these units do contribute to a variety of qualifications in the SRF04 Fitness Industry Training Package.