Statement of Attainment

This skill set meets industry requirements as specified in the DEF Defence Training Package for work in the area of Defence Chaplaincy.


Defence Chaplains provide service to men and women in uniform in peace time and operational environments. They also help care for the families of serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Their primary aim is to serve denominational members and their families, to facilitate services for those of other denominations or faiths, and to care for all personnel regardless of any religious affiliation.


The Defence Chaplain Skill Set consists of:

A total of 5 units of competency must be attained.

add topic DEFCHP001

Provide pastoral care

add topic DEFCHP002

Provide ethical and pastoral advice

add topic DEFCHP003

Plan the delivery of chaplaincy support

add topic DEFCHP004

Conduct and facilitate religious observances and activities

add topic DEFCHP005

Perform as an effective member of the Chaplains’ branch


The DEFSS00012 Defence Chaplain Skill Set is part of the DEF Defence Training Package.