Statement of Attainment

Suggested words for Statement of Attainment

These competencies from the FPI11 Forest and Forest Products Training Package meet the industry requirements for operating a single grip harvester and may meet some State and Territory regulatory requirements for gaining a licence as a single grip harvester operator.


This skill set is for people wishing to work as a single grip harvester operator in a commercial forest operation in the harvesting and haulage sector of the forest and forest products industry.


The Skill set for a single grip harvester operator consists of:


add topic FPICOR2203B Follow environmental care procedures

add topic FPICOR2205B Follow OHS policies and procedures

add topic HLTAID003 Provide first aid

add topic FPIHAR3214C Operate a single grip harvester


These units provide credit towards a number of qualifications including FPI30213 Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage.