Statement of Attainment

These competencies from the FWP Forest and Wood Products Training Package meet the industry requirements for setting up, operating and maintaining finger jointing operations to produce finger jointed timber according to established production parameters.


This skill set is for people who set up, operate and maintain finger jointing operations in a forest and wood products factory setting. Their job role will involve planning production parameters, maintaining and replacing equipment, resolving problems, shutting down and isolating equipment as required to produce finger jointed timber to required specifications.


The Skill set for a finger jointing plant operator consists of:

add topic FWPCOT2209 Produce finger jointed timber

add topic FWPCOT3207 Set up, operate and maintain finger jointing operations

add topic FWPCOT3212 Replace saws, blades and guides

add topic MEM18011C Shut down and isolate machines/equipment


These units provide credit towards a number of qualifications, including:

FWP30316 Certificate III in Sawmilling and Processing

FWP30516 Certificate III in Timber Manufactured Products

FWP30816 Certificate III in Wood Machining