Statement of Attainment

This competency from the LGA04 Local Government Training Package meets the generic requirements for compliance management in specialised council work areas, such as environmental health and planning. Individual councils may apply different levels and types of regulatory authority to specific job roles associated with this skill set.


This skill set is designed to address the needs of a range of officers for whom ensuring compliance with local government legislation, regulations and by-laws is central to their role. The skill set is not designed to provide detailed technical and specific knowledge in, for example, building inspection, animal control, parking management or environmental health.

The skill set is intended to address the underpinning knowledge and skills in the complex areas of:

compliance monitoring and investigation

negotiation skills

communication skills

conflict resolution

community education

All units are to be completed.


The Local government compliance management skill set consists of:

add topic BSBCOM502B

Evaluate and review compliance

add topic LGACOMP008A

Apply conflict resolution strategies

add topic LGACOMP009A

Implement effective communication techniques

add topic LGACORE603B

Represent council's role and value in the community

add topic LGAEHRR504C

Implement public environmental health education programs to improve community compliance

add topic LGAGOVA410B

Monitor council procedures to ensure compliance with relevant legislation

add topic BSBCOM502B

Evaluate and review compliance


The completion of this skill set provides a to a range of Certificate III, IV and Diploma qualifications in the LGA04 Local Government Training Package where the additional technical skills and specialisations can be addressed.