Statement of Attainment

These competencies from the MSS Sustainability Training Package meet the minimum industry requirements for auditing energy usage for a work area.


The target area for this Skill Set is people who are undertaking an energy audit for a process or a work area, either as a component of a more general energy audit of an entire process or organisation, or independently examining just a work or process area.

This Skill Set complements the Improve energy usage for a work area Skill Set which not only evaluates an area but also seeks to improve the energy use of the area. It also supports the Determine energy usage Skill Set where similar work is being done for an entire process or organisation.


The SS1 Audit energy usage for a work area consists of:

add topic MSS014002

Evaluate sustainability impact of a work or process area

add topic MSS014006

Contribute to sustainability related audits


These units can provide credit towards the MSS40116 Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations. These units may also be applied where other aspects of sustainability are identified as the priority issues in which case a Statement of Attainment will be issued instead of the Skill Set.