Statement of Attainment

This Skill Set from the MTM11 Australian Meat Industry Training Package meets the industry requirements for the stunning of livestock using a captive bolt in an Australian meat processing plant.


Typically the trainee is a company employee who is engaged in the stunning of livestock using a captive bolt and has responsibility to monitor animal welfare during this process.


The Effective Stunning (Captive Bolt) Skill Set consists of:

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic MTMCOR204A

Follow safe work policies and procedures

add topic MTMP2005B

Restrain animal

add topic MTMP2010A

Apply animal welfare and handling requirements

add topic MTMP3001D

Stun animal


The units of competency comprising the Effective Stunning (Captive Bolt) Skills Set are drawn from AQF levels II and III in the qualifications, and can be counted towards other qualifications where this is in accordance with the qualification requirements.