Statement of Attainment

These units meet industry requirements for those people working in the Public Sector environment.


This skill set is for those embarking on management roles within in the Public Sector. Units cover the essential skills and knowledge required of those public sector managers who are new to the role of managing people and/or resources in the public sector environment. These competencies provide an overview of the sector, an understanding of core public sector values, principles, diversity and legislation requirements, appropriate communication strategies, and expectations relating to promotion and adherence to those requirements.


The Public Sector Manager Skill Set consists of:


add topic PSPETHC501B

Promote the values and ethos of public service

add topic PSPGOV505A

Promote diversity

add topic PSPGOV512A

Use complex workplace communication strategies

add topic PSPLEGN501B

Promote compliance within legislation in the public sector


The competencies serve as a foundation for government qualifications, and as an introduction for managerial roles/lateral entrance into the sector. Completion of this skill set contributes to most Diploma level Government generalist and specialist qualifications.