Statement of Attainment

This unit meets industry requirements for workers in contact with radiation as part of other roles who may receive occupational exposures of greater than 1 millisievert per annum and who need to be competent and take action to avoid unacceptable exposure to radiation hazards, or to ensure that others are not unacceptably exposed to radiation hazards due to their work.


This skill set is for those who require radiation protection and site safety training in addition to induction training, prior to undertaking operational, technical, and/or maintenance tasks in a radiation environment.

Such personnel may work in mines, construction sites, hospitals and laboratories and may include:

utility and site service personnel, such as electricians, plumbers, fitters, and equipment service technicians

site cleaners and maintenance workers

operators of equipment that emits ionising radiation

those who handle and/or transport radioactive material

those who use radionuclides


The Radiation Environment Safety Skill Set consists of:


Work safely in a radiation environment


This unit from PSP12 Public Sector Training Package is introductory and serves as a foundation for those who may become more involved in radiation-related roles.