Statement of Attainment

These units meet industry requirements for those working with radiation-sealed source equipment under the authorisation of a responsible person and with the advice of a radiation safety professional (such as a radiation safety officer) and in accordance with radiation protection safety standards, codes and guidelines.


This skill set is for authorised personnel who work at geotechnical, construction, mining and manufacturing or analytical/research sites with any of the following sealed sources or equipment:

industrial radiography equipment or gamma sources

portable density/moisture gauges

fixed source gauges (e.g. level, density, thickness and proximity)

bore hole logging

portable XRD and XRF instruments


The Radiation Sealed Sources Safety Skill Set consists of:


Perform basic radiation measurements


Handle and transport radioactive material


Work safely with radiationsealed source equipment


These units from PSP12 Public Sector Training Package may be used towards other Public Sector qualifications.