Statement of Attainment

These units meet industry requirements for those involved in simple trade measurement inspections.


This skill set is for those commencing a career in trade measurement. It provides the skills and knowledge required to undertake inspections of simple measures and simple measuring instruments used for trade. Examples of these instruments include length measures, alcoholic beverage measures, lubricating oil measures, graduated measures, trade masses in the range 1mg to 20kg, beverage measuring instruments, protein measuring instruments, length measuring instruments, area measuring instruments, dimensional measuring instruments, vehicle tanks and milk tanks.


The Trade Measurement Inspection Skill Set consists of:

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Inspect a range of simple measures

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Inspect a range of simple measuring instruments

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Use and maintain reference standards


These units from MSA07 Manufacturing Training Package may provide an introduction to trade measurement and are likely to be undertaken before commencing units in PSP42310 Certificate IV in Government (Trade Measurement).