Statement of Attainment

These competencies meet the industry standard for safely monitoring radiation and the exposure of people and environments during radiation-related work activities, those working as a local radiation safety coordinator or radiation safety officer under the authorisation of the responsible person and with the advice of a radiation safety professional and in accordance with radiation protection safety standards, codes and guidelines.


Not applicable.


The Radiation Technician Safety consists of:


add topic PSPRAD003

Perform basic radiation measurements

add topic PSPRAD005

Handle and transport radioactive material

add topic PSPRAD006

Work safely with radiation-sealed source equipment

add topic PSPRAD007

Monitor radiation

add topic PUAWER009B

Participate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team


Completion of this skill set contributes to PSP30116 Certificate III in Government. PSPRAD007 and PUAWER009B contribute to PSP80216 Graduate Certificate in Radiation Safety.