Statement of Attainment

These units from the PUA12 Public Safety Training Package meet the industry requirements to undertake police computer crime investigation.


Workers undertaking police computer crime investigation in line with agency protocols.


The Police computer crime investigations consists of:

add topic PUACCI001B

Plan a computer related crime operation

add topic PUACCI002B

Conduct a preliminary search for electronic data

add topic PUACCI003B

Copy electronic data

add topic PUACCI004B

Search electronic data

add topic PUACCI005B

Investigate network offences

add topic PUACCI006B

Build and maintain target computer networks

add topic PUACCI007B

Present evidence of computer crime

add topic PUACCI008B

Build and maintain computer crime networks

add topic PUACOM001C

Communicate in the workplace

add topic PUAOPE015A

Conduct briefings and debriefings

add topic PUAPOLGD001A

Maintain police operational safety

add topic PUAPOLGD011A

Manage personal and ethical performance

add topic PUAPOLGD013A

Develop productive working relationships

add topic PUATEA001B

Work in a team


Not applicable.