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Resource Management Group - Leadership Skill Set


This Skill Set was developed for aquaculturists, fishers, fisheries compliance staff, and seafood processors, retailers and distributors who represent their sector in industry and resource management forums. The competencies relate to the application of skills used in providing expert advice, analysing data to generate options to address resource management concerns and negotiating collective outcomes within the group.

It will be necessary to check with your relevant state or territory department for current licensing, legislative or regulatory requirements before undertaking this Skill Set.


The Industry Leadership - Resource Management Group Membership Skill Set consists of:


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Provide expert information to a resource management group

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Analyse information to develop strategic seafood management options

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Negotiate collective outcomes within the resource management group process


These units may provide credit towards:

SFI40211 Certificate IV in Seafood Industry (Fishing Operations)

SFI40311 Certificate IV in Seafood Industry (Environmental Management)