Statement of Attainment

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The skill set competencies meet the needs of year 10 through to year 12 students. The competencies are drawn from a nationally endorsed Training Package, and provide the basic knowledge for a person who requires road safety and road use training.


This skill set provides a basic introduction to road safety on the road for those interacting with other road users. It is intended for use by year 10 through to year 12 students to equip them with a broader knowledge of the underpinning concepts of road use and road safety. This skill set may support other road safety or road use programs


The Road Safety Skill Set consists of:

A total of 6 units of competency must be completed to obtain the skill set.


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Demonstrate awareness of interacting with other road users

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Demonstrate awareness of factors to reduce road harm

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Demonstrate knowledge of risk factors and consequences in interacting with other road users

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Recognise motor vehicle road crash risks and post crash actions

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Select a safe vehicle

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Apply fatigue management strategies


This skill set is not aligned to any specific qualification but may be used to support road use and road safety qualifications.