Statement of Attainment

Suggested words for Statement of Attainment

This Skill Set from the MTM11 Australian Meat Industry Training Package meets the industry requirements for managing animal welfare in an Australian meat processing plant.


Typically the Animal Welfare Officer is a company employee who manages the company's animal welfare team and therefore is able to:

understand and articulate the regulatory and technical issues associated with animal welfare in a processing plant

represent the company with regard to the approach taken to address animal welfare issues on plant

influence company policies, procedures, training regimes, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Quality Assurance (QA) documentation as they relate to processes impacting on animal welfare

review, as part of their duties, the results of the routine monitoring of processes impacting on animal welfare

review the results of internal and external audits to assess the performance of the company in relation to animal welfare

oversee the implementation of corrective actions and preventative measures

monitor the effectiveness of corrective actions and preventative measures

implement animal welfare assessment criteria and perform an abattoir animal welfare assessment

recognise operative training needs and implement training for animal handlers.


The MTM11 Animal Welfare Officer Skill Set consists of:


add topic MTMP2006A Apply animal welfare and handling requirements

add topic MTMP410A Oversee humane handling of animals


The Units of Competency comprising the Animal Welfare Officer Skill Set are drawn from AQF levels II and IV in the Abattoirs qualifications, and can be counted towards other abattoirs qualifications, where this is in accordance with the qualification requirements.