Statement of Attainment

These units from CPP07 Property Services Training Package meet industry requirements for implementing best practice in spatial information projects.


This skill set is for people implementing all aspects of spatial information projects, including quality assurance.


The CPP07 Implement Best Practice in Spatial Information Projects Skill Set consists of:


add topic CPPSIS5003A

Implement a spatial information services project plan

add topic CPPSIS5004A

Determine spatial data requirements

add topic CPPSIS5009A

Produce spatial project deliverables

add topic CPPSIS5011A

Monitor and control the spatial components of projects

add topic CPPSIS5012A

Maintain effective internal and external spatial communication networks

add topic CPPSIS5015A

Undertake spatial process improvement to reduce costs and improve service

add topic CPPSIS6005A

Apply quality control measures to spatial information services industry


Completion of these units provides credit towards CPP50107 Diploma of Surveying and CPP50211 Diploma of Spatial Information Services.