Manage own work, professional development and ethical behaviour as a NatHERS assessor


This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to manage own work, professional development and ethical behaviour as a Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) assessor. It includes managing own work performance, setting and meeting own work priorities, developing and maintaining personal competence, modelling ethical practices, meeting accreditation and licensing arrangements, and complying with organisational quality assurance arrangements.

The unit supports the work of NatHERS assessors engaged in managing own work and professional development.

In some jurisdictions, this unit of competency may form part of the accreditation, licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements for NatHERS assessors.

Elements and Performance Criteria

Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element. Where bold italicised text is used, further information is detailed in the range of conditions.


Manage own work performance as a NatHERS assessor.


Personal qualities appropriate to the NatHERS assessment environment are identified, evaluated and demonstrated.


Effective communication strategies are used to establish rapport with clients, determine client needs, give accurate advice to clients, and provide follow-up services.


Stable work performance is consistently maintained.


Difficult workplace situations are identified, addressed in a professional manner, and concluded positively.


Personal presentation requirements are identified and met.


Situations in which specialist advice is required are identified and sources of specialist advice on NatHERS software, protocols and assessment are determined.


Set and meet own work priorities.


Competing demands for work time and priority action are assessed and organised to achieve personal, team and organisational work priorities.


Activities are managed effectively to accomplish personal, team and organisational goals and objectives.


Technology is used where appropriate to improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing work priorities and commitments.


Own work responsibilities, priorities and accountabilities are met within required timeframes.


Develop and maintain professional competence.


Personal strengths and weaknesses in NatHERS assessment services are assessed to determine own development priorities and action where necessary.


Feedback on performance is regularly sought from clients and others and is used to improve professional competence.


Management skills relevant to work as a NatHERS assessor are identified and developed to enhance performance.


Opportunities for continuing professional development to maintain own competence and develop skills and knowledge relating to NatHERS assessment are identified, planned and implemented.


Model ethical practices.


Ethical and conduct standards relevant to NatHERS assessors are identified and applied in providing services to clients.


Personal liability for breach of contract or negligence is identified.


Regulatory and professional requirements are identified and met, and appropriate professional indemnity insurance maintained.


Personal knowledge of ethics and conduct standards is confirmed to ensure compliance with codes of conduct, agreements with contracting agencies, and legislative requirements.


Situations in which specialist advice is required are identified and sources of advice on matters relating to ethical practice are determined.


Comply with industry accreditation, licensing and quality assurance requirements.


Accreditation and licensing requirements relevant to NatHERS assessors are identified, met and maintained.


Role and responsibility of accreditation and licensing bodies for NatHERS assessors are identified.


Quality assurance processes of accreditation and licensing bodies for NatHERS assessors are identified and complied with.


Follow quality procedures in conducting NatHERS assessments.


Quality procedures relevant to conducting NatHERS assessments are identified.


Work tasks are undertaken and completed in line with quality procedures.


Potential improvements to quality procedures are identified.

Evidence of Performance

A person demonstrating competency in this unit must satisfy the requirements of the elements, performance criteria, foundation skills and range of conditions of this unit.

The person must also safely and competently respond to six different workplace matters that demonstrate the following aspects of work in the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) assessment industry:

managing own work performance

setting and meeting own work priorities

developing and maintaining own professional competence, including:

assessing personal strengths and weaknesses

planning and implementing own professional development plan

demonstrating ethical practice and compliance with the requirements of the appropriate industry accreditation or licensing body in conducting NatHERS assessments

following quality procedures in conducting NatHERS assessments.

In doing the above, the person must:

demonstrate personal motivation and commitment to the work role

manage day-to-day responsibilities and conflicting demands as a NatHERS assessor in an efficient and cooperative manner

relate positively to clients, fellow workers and the management team

apply knowledge of the accreditation and licensing requirements for NatHERS assessors.

Evidence of Knowledge

A person demonstrating competency in this unit must demonstrate knowledge of:

accreditation and licensing for NatHERS assessors:

accreditation and licensing requirements

accrediting and licensing bodies

business technologies for improving efficiency and effectiveness in managing work priorities and commitments

principles and techniques of:

performance measurement

personal development planning

personal goal setting

personal presentation

time management

work methods and practices that improve personal performance

professional development:

assessment of personal professional development needs

professional networks and associations relating to NatHERS assessment

training relating to sustainability and NatHERS assessment

quality system, including quality manual.

Assessment Conditions

The following must be present and available to learners during assessment activities:


computer equipment suitable for producing reports and accessing online information on accreditation requirements and professional development opportunities


relevant codes, standards and government regulations

technical reference library with current publications on:

work organisation

goal setting

time management

ethical practices

quality assurance

accreditation and licensing requirements for NatHERS assessors

relationships with team members and supervisor:

assessment activities are performed on an individual basis under general supervision.

Assessor requirements

As a minimum, assessors must satisfy the assessor requirements in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) current at the time of assessment.

Foundation Skills

This section describes the language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills essential to performance in this unit but not explicit in the performance criteria.


Performance feature

Learning skills to:

maintain up-to-date knowledge of techniques for managing and evaluating own performance in work role.

Numeracy skills to:

calculate and interpret data, such as the time taken to move between different appointments.

Reading skills to:

read and interpret a variety of texts, including accreditation requirements, legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

Technology skills to:

access online information on accreditation requirements and professional development opportunities.

Range Statement

This section specifies work environments and conditions that may affect performance. Essential operating conditions that may be present (depending on the work situation, needs of the candidate, accessibility of the item, and local industry and regional contexts) are included. Bold italicised wording, if used in the performance criteria, is detailed below.

Personal qualities must include at least two of the following:

adherence to organisational policies and procedures

appropriate interpersonal communication

commitment to maintaining appropriate personal presentation

commitment to use of sustainable work practices.

Own work responsibilities, priorities and accountabilitiesmust include at least three of the following:

complying with security procedures

conducting NatHERS assessments

dealing with conflicting goals

determining work and personal needs

meeting duty of care requirements

meeting individual and team goals and targets

meeting work health and safety requirements

meeting quality assurance requirements

mentoring and supporting others

modelling sustainable practice

planning new work

prioritising and scheduling work and other activities

promoting corporate image of organisation

reassessing performance

reporting on work performance

working in a team.


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