Perform flag ceremonial and flag protocol procedures

This unit covers the competency required to perform specific flag ceremonial and flag protocol procedures in a Defence environment.


This unit was developed for Navy communications and information systems operators but is applicable to any individual in this field of work.


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Elements and Performance Criteria



1. Perform flag ceremonial and protocol procedures

1.1 Ceremonial and protocol instructions are received and confirmed with appropriate personnel.

1.2 All equipment is checked for serviceability and any faults are reported to appropriate personnel.

1.3 Where faults are identified, advice from appropriate personnel is followed.

1.4 Equipment is set up and checked for readiness.

1.5 Ceremonial and protocol procedures are carried out in accordance with specific workplace and prescribed instructions.

1.6 Equipment is dismantled and safely stored.

Required Skills

This describes the essential skills and knowledge and their level, required for this unit.

Required Skills

connect equipment required to dress ship

encourage other team members

follow instructions/directives and report information

follow flagdeck discipline

hoist flags

provide timely and accurate reports

use a variety of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques

use actively listen techniques

Required Knowledge

bending on and breaking of flags

colours and meanings of flag disks

colours and meanings of flags

composition of teams and roles and responsibility of team members

dress ship blocks and halyards connection procedures

work health and safety/radiation hazard policies and procedures

safety harness operation

specific ceremonial procedures

techniques for supporting others

Evidence Required

The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the Performance Criteria, Required Skills and Knowledge, the Range Statement and the Assessment Guidelines for this Training Package.

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Assessment must confirm the ability to:

perform at least five of the specific flag ceremonial and protocol procedures listed in the Range Statement

make correct reports made to appropriate personnel

perform procedures in accordance with prescribed instructions

correctly interpret meanings of signal flags

Consistency in performance

Competency should be demonstrated over time to ensure the individual is assessed across a wide variety of situations within the workplace.

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Context of assessment

Competency should be assessed in the workplace or in a simulated workplace environment.

Specific resources for assessment

Access is required to:

communications publications

specific workplace operating procedures

task specific equipment

Range Statement

The Range Statement relates to the Unit of Competency as a whole. It allows for different work environments and situations that may affect performance. Bold italicised wording in the Performance Criteria is detailed below.

Ceremonial and protocol procedures mayinclude:

Ceremony of Colours

Ceremony of Sunset

Courtesy salutes

Distinguishing flags and ensigns in boats

Dress ship as directed by appropriate authorities and detailed in relevant publications

Entering harbour flagshifts and leaving harbour flagshifts including:

Australian White Ensign

Australian National Flag

International Callsign

Harbour destination flags/pennants

Foreign national flags

Night ensign

Out of routine

Flag discs

Half-masting and rehoisting of the Australian White Ensign (AWE)/Australian National Flag (ANF) on ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and as directed by the appropriate authorities

Undress ship as directed by appropriate authorities and detailed in relevant publications

VIP flag ceremonial for members of the Royal family, officers entitled to fly a flag or broad pennant, Governor General


Not applicable.

Employability Skills

This unit contains employability skills.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.