Access and use resources and financial systems

This unit covers the use of required resources and systems to achieve work objectives. It includes accessing and using resources, administering resource usage, operating financial systems relevant to job role and identifying and dealing with discrepancies.In practice, accessing and using resources and financial systems may overlap with other generalist or specialist public sector work activities such as acting ethically, complying with legislation, working effectively, organising information, working with diversity, etc. This is one of 5 units of competency in the Working in Government and Management Competency Fields that deal with resources. Related units are:PSPGOV204B Access and use resourcesPSPGOV403B Use resources to achieve work unit goalsPSPGOV503B Coordinate resource allocation and usagePSPMNGT602B Manage resourcesNo licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication


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Elements and Performance Criteria



1. Access and use resources

1.1 Resources required to achieve outcomes in the work unit are identified through consultation with team members and are accessed in accordance with legislation and organisational procedures.

1.2 Resources are used efficiently and effectively in accordance with legislation, organisational policy and procedures.

2. Administer usage of physical resources

2.1 Supplies and materials required to support the operation of the workgroup are accessed and maintained.

2.2 Records of resource usage are maintained as required by the organisation/work unit.

2.3 Orders are processed accurately in accordance with defined organisational procedures to meet client needs.

2.4 Resources are replaced within budget limitations and are stored in accordance with organisational procedures and to reduce theft and fraudulent activity.

2.5 Asset/resource registers are maintained in accordance with organisational procedures.

3. Operate financial systems

3.1 Financial/accounting procedures relevant to job role are applied and reporting requirements are met.

3.2 Audit and legislative requirements are met.

4. Identify and deal with discrepancies

4.1 Discrepancies or reduced resource levels are identified and action is taken in accordance with organisational policy and procedures.

4.2 Faults, signs of wear and tear or missing resources are identified and reported in accordance with organisational procedures.

4.3 Discrepancies in financial systems are checked and reported in accordance with organisational policy and procedures.

Required Skills

This section describes the essential skills and knowledge and their level, required for this unit.

Skill requirements

Look for evidence that confirms skills in:


reading materials such as legislation and operational procedures related to resources and finances

completing and processing orders requiring both literacy and numeracy

securing information and resources

problem solving to identify and deal with discrepancies

consulting with team members and clients

responding to diversity, including gender and disability

using computer technology for recordkeeping and financial management

Knowledge requirements

Look for evidence that confirms knowledge and understanding of:

workplace resource policies, procedures and requirements, including occupational health and safety requirements

public sector legislation and operational procedures relating to accessing and using resources (including financial resources)

security requirements for resources, facilities, people and information

principles of fraud control in the public sector

principles of financial management and stock handling

occupational health and safety requirements

equal employment opportunity, equity and diversity principles

Evidence Required

The Evidence Guide specifies the evidence required to demonstrate achievement in the unit of competency as a whole. It must be read in conjunction with the Unit descriptor, Performance Criteria, the Range Statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Public Sector Training Package.

Units to be assessed together

Pre-requisite units that must be achieved prior to this unit:Nil

Co-requisite units that must be assessed with this unit:Nil

Co-assessed units that may be assessed with this unit to increase the efficiency and realism of the assessment process include, but are not limited to:

PSPETHC301B Uphold the values and principles of public service

PSPGOV301B Work effectively in the organisation

PSPGOV307B Organise workplace information

PSPGOV308B Work effectively with diversity

PSPGOV309A Address client needs

PSPGOV312A Use workplace communication strategies

PSPGOV313A Compose workplace documents

PSPGOV314A Contribute to conflict management

PSPLEGN301B Comply with legislation in the public sector

PSPOHS301A Contribute to workplace safety

Overview of evidence requirements

In addition to integrated demonstration of the elements and their related performance criteria, look for evidence that confirms:

the knowledge requirements of this unit

the skill requirements of this unit

application of Employability Skills as they relate to this unit

resources and financial systems accessed and used in a range of (3 or more) contexts (or occasions, over time)

Resources required to carry out assessment

These resources include:

legislation, policy, procedures and protocols relating to accessing and using resources and financial systems

case studies and workplace scenarios to capture the range of situations likely to be encountered when accessing and using resources and financial systems

Where and how to assess evidence

Valid assessment of this unit requires:

a workplace environment, or one that closely resembles normal work practice and replicates the range of conditions likely to be encountered when accessing and using resources and financial systems, including coping with difficulties, irregularities and breakdowns in routine

resources and financial systems accessed and used in a range of (3 or more) contexts (or occasions, over time).

Assessment methods should reflect workplace demands, such as literacy, and the needs of particular groups, such as:

people with disabilities

people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


young people

older people

people in rural and remote locations.

Assessment methods suitable for valid and reliable assessment of this competency may include, but are not limited to, a combination of 2 or more of:






simulation or role plays

authenticated evidence from the workplace and/or training courses

For consistency of assessment

Evidence must be gathered over time in a range of contexts to ensure the person can achieve the unit outcome and apply the competency in different situations or environments

Range Statement

The Range Statement provides information about the context in which the unit of competency is carried out. The variables cater for differences between States and Territories and the Commonwealth, and between organisations and workplaces. They allow for different work requirements, work practices and knowledge. The Range Statement also provides a focus for assessment. It relates to the unit as a whole. Text in bold italics in the Performance Criteria is explained here.

Resources are specific to the organisation and may include:

information, knowledge or other intellectual resources

information from other organisations




stock and supplies

Legislation, organisational policy and procedures may include:

State/Territory and Commonwealth legislation and regulations such as:

public sector management acts

financial management acts

privacy legislation

freedom of information


equal employment opportunity, anti-discrimination and harassment legislation

occupational health and safety legislation

consumer legislation

environment legislation

risk management guidelines

ethics and accountability standards

public sector standards

fraud control standards

government security standards

organisational policy, procedures and protocols.

Records may include:

financial statements


file maintenance

stock list control

order forms

petty cash forms

electronic or hard copy


Not applicable.

Competency Field

Working in Government.

Employability Skills

This unit contains employability skills.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.