Provide a consultancy service for human resource management


This unit describes the skills required to provide human resource information and advice to assist managers and others to deal with human resource matters. It includes identifying consultancy requirements, providing support to line managers and individual staff, and advising on linkages between human resource policy and organisational objectives.

This unit applies to those working in public sector administration roles involving human resources.

The skills and knowledge described in this unit must be applied within the legislative, regulatory and policy environment in which they are carried out. Organisational policies and procedures must be consulted and adhered to.

Those undertaking this unit would work independently, performing complex tasks in a range of familiar contexts.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to unit at the time of publication.

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element. Where bold italicised text is used, further information is detailed in the range of conditions section.

1. Identify consultancy requirements

1.1 Conduct consultation with key stakeholders to identify support needs of those who provide human resource services in the organisation.

1.2 Conduct an analysis of information needs, learning requirements and resources required for provision of human resource services.

1.3 Give advice to management and key stakeholders on requirements for the delivery of human resource services.

1.4 Establish, disseminate and explain the objectives, parameters, and performance standards for human resource services delivered through others.

2. Provide human resource support

2.1 Provide information, advice, training and support on a range of human resource policies and procedures.

2.2 Tailor information and support strategies to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

2.3 Promote the available expertise and extent of human resource consultancy services to facilitate organisational awareness and access.

2.4 Monitor the provision of information, advice, training and support and deal with issues or refer them.

2.5 Apply limits of own authority and expertise and make referrals based on knowledge of resources across and outside the organisation.

3. Advise on organisation level linkages

3.1 Consult organisational business plans and identify linkages to the organisation’s strategic human resource policy and procedures.

3.2 Obtain information and advice to ensure knowledge of broad organisational development issues is current.

3.3 Communicate relevant strategic human resource information to line managers and individuals to keep them up to date with changes in human resource policy and practice.

Evidence of Performance

Evidence required to demonstrate competence must satisfy all of the requirements of the elements and performance criteria. If not otherwise specified the candidate must demonstrate evidence of performance of the following on at least one occasion.

explaining complex ideas to different audiences

interpreting and explaining complex, formal documents and assisting others to apply them in the workplace

preparing written advice requiring reasoning and precision of expression

undertaking consultation, discussion and advice using exchange of complex oral and written information

undertaking conflict resolution and negotiation

providing counselling and mediation

presenting information

coaching others in human resource policy and procedures

Evidence of Knowledge

Evidence required to demonstrate competence must satisfy all of the requirements of the elements and performance criteria. If not otherwise specified the depth of knowledge demonstrated must be appropriate to the job context of the candidate.

the full range of human resource functions where line managers and other nonspecialists have a human resource role

human resource policies and practices

relevant awards, legislation and agreements pertaining to employment framework and conditions

employment contracts and/or organisational certified agreements

jurisdictional legislation applying to human resources including work health and safety and environment and sustainability practices

Assessment Conditions

This unit contains no specific industry-mandated assessment conditions. Guidance on suggested and recommended conditions and methods can be found in the Implementation Guide.

Assessors must satisfy the NVR/AQTF mandatory competency requirements for assessors

Foundation Skills

Foundation skills are embedded within the elements and performance criteria of this unit.

Competency Field

Human resource management