Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

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Elements and Performance Criteria



1. Develop workplace sustainability policy

1.1. Define scope of sustainability policy

1.2. Gather information from a range of sources to plan and develop policy

1.3. Identify and consult stakeholders as a key component of the policy development process

1.4. Include appropriate strategies in policy at all stages of work for minimising resource use, reducing toxic material and hazardous chemical use, and employing life cycle management approaches

1.5. Make recommendations for policy options based on likely effectiveness, timeframes and cost

1.6. Develop policy that reflects the organisation's commitment to sustainability as an integral part of business planning and as a business opportunity

1.7. Agree to appropriate methods of implementation

2. Communicate workplace sustainability policy

2.1. Promote workplace sustainability policy, including its expected outcome to key stakeholders

2.2. Inform those involved in implementing the policy as to outcomes expected, activities to be undertaken and responsibilities assigned

3. Implement workplace sustainability policy

3.1. Develop and communicate procedures to help implement workplace sustainability policy

3.2. Implement strategies for continuous improvement in resource efficiency

3.3. Establish and assign responsibility to use recording systems for tracking continuous improvements in sustainability approaches

4. Review workplace sustainability policy implementation

4.1. Document outcomes and provide feedback to key personnel and stakeholders

4.2. Investigate successes or otherwise of policy

4.3. Monitor records to identify trends that may require remedial action and use to promote continuous improvement of performance

4.4. Modify policy and or procedures as required to ensure improvements are made

Qualifications and Skillsets

BSBSUS501A appears in the following qualifications:

  • ICP40410 - Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts (Print Finishing)
  • ICP50110 - Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Digital Production)
  • ICP50310 - Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Printing)
  • ICP40210 - Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts (Multimedia)
  • ICP50410 - Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Management_Sales)
  • ICP50210 - Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Multimedia)
  • ICP50510 - Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Process Improvement)
  • ICP40110 - Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts (Graphic Pre-press)
  • ICP40310 - Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts (Printing)
  • PUA60806 - Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Defence Public Affairs)
  • FNS60310 - Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing
  • FNS51710 - Diploma of Applied Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Management
  • FNS60410 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • FNS51210 - Diploma of Insurance Broking
  • FNS60810 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Risk Management
  • FNS50810 - Diploma of Financial Risk Management
  • FNS51510 - Diploma of Credit Management
  • FNS51410 - Diploma of Loss Adjusting
  • FNS51610 - Diploma of Securitisation
  • FNS50510 - Diploma of Personal Trustees
  • FNS50710 - Diploma of Superannuation
  • FNS50310 - Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • FNS51110 - Diploma of General Insurance
  • FNS51010 - Diploma of Financial Markets
  • FNS60610 - Advanced Diploma of Banking Services Management
  • FNS50910 - Diploma of Banking Services Management
  • FNS50110 - Diploma of Personal Injury Management
  • FNS50410 - Diploma of Conveyancing
  • FNS60510 - Advanced Diploma of Superannuation
  • FNS60110 - Advanced Diploma of Insurance Broking
  • FNS50610 - Diploma of Financial Planning
  • ICT50310 - Diploma of Telecommunications Management
  • ICT50510 - Diploma of Telecommunications Planning and Design
  • ICT50210 - Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering
  • ICT50410 - Diploma of Radio Frequency Networks
  • ICT50110 - Diploma of Optical Networks
  • SFL40110 - Certificate IV in Floristry
  • SFL50110 - Diploma of Floristry Design
  • SIS50110 - Diploma of Facility Management
  • SIS50610 - Diploma of Sport Development
  • CPP60211 - Advanced Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management)
  • CPP50511 - Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management)
  • SIB50210 - Diploma of Salon Management
  • BSB51807 - Diploma of Unionism and Industrial Relations
  • BSB51207 - Diploma of Marketing
  • BSB50307 - Diploma of Customer Contact
  • BSB50207 - Diploma of Business
  • BSB50710 - Diploma of Business (Governance)
  • BSB60110 - Advanced Diploma of Advertising
  • BSB51707 - Diploma of Recordkeeping
  • BSB50807 - Diploma of International Business
  • BSB50110 - Diploma of Legal Services
  • BSB50607 - Diploma of Human Resources Management
  • BSB60207 - Advanced Diploma of Business
  • BSB51107 - Diploma of Management
  • BSB50407 - Diploma of Business Administration
  • BSB51507 - Diploma of Purchasing
  • BSB60307 - Advanced Diploma of Customer Contact
  • BSB50507 - Diploma of Franchising
  • BSB60507 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing
  • BSB51607 - Diploma of Quality Auditing
  • BSB60807 - Advanced Diploma of Recordkeeping
  • BSB51307 - Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety
  • BSB60907 - Advanced Diploma of Management (HumanResources)
  • BSB60407 - Advanced Diploma of Management
  • LGA50104 - Diploma of Local Government Administration
  • CHC52208 - Diploma of Community Services Coordination
  • CHC51408 - Diploma of Youth Work
  • CHC51608 - Diploma of Employment Services
  • CHC51008 - Diploma of Children's Services (Outside school hours care)
  • CHC50808 - Diploma of Social Housing
  • CHC60308 - Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
  • CHC51308 - Diploma of Education Support
  • CHC60208 - Advanced Diploma of Children's Services
  • CHC51508 - Diploma of Youth Justice
  • CHC80108 - Vocational Graduate Diploma of Community Sector Management
  • CHC50908 - Diploma of Children's Services (Early childhood education and care)
  • CSC50107 - Diploma of Correctional Administration
  • FPI50105 - Diploma of Forest and Forest Products
  • FPI50410 - Diploma of Timber Truss and Frame Design
  • FPI50310 - Diploma of Timber Truss and Frame Manufacture
  • FPI60111 - Advanced Diploma of Forest Industry Sustainability
  • CUS60309 - Advanced Diploma of Music Business
  • SIT50207 - Diploma of Events
  • SFI50111 - Diploma of Aquaculture
  • SFI50511 - Diploma of Seafood Processing
  • CUE50303 - Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events (Technical Production)
  • CUE60303 - Advanced Diploma of Stage Management
  • CUE50403 - Diploma of Venues and Events
  • CUE60203 - Advanced Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events (Technical Production)
  • CUE60103 - Advanced Diploma of Design for Live Production, Theatre and Events
  • CUE60403 - Advanced Diploma of Venues and Events
  • TLI50510 - Diploma of Deployment Logistics
  • HLT43207 - Certificate IV in Health Administration
  • HLT51007 - Diploma of Population Health
  • HLT61307 - Advanced Diploma of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health (Community Care)
  • HLT50407 - Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance)
  • HLT60307 - Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance)
  • HLT60407 - Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics
  • HLT51107 - Diploma of Indigenous Environmental Health
  • HLT52007 - Diploma of Practice Management
  • HLT40407 - Certificate IV in Health Supervision
  • HLT50607 - Diploma of Paramedical Science (Anaesthesia)
  • HLT52207 - Diploma of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health (Community Care)
  • RGR40408 - Certificate IV in Racing (Greyhound Trainer)
  • RGR50408 - Diploma of Racing Services (Track Management)
  • RGR50108 - Diploma of Racing (Racehorse Trainer)
  • RGR50208 - Diploma of Racing Services (Racing Administration)
  • RGR50308 - Diploma of Racing Services (Steward)
  • RGR40108 - Certificate IV in Racing (Racehorse Trainer)
  • SIR50107 - Diploma of Retail Management
  • CUF60107 - Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media

And the skillsets: