Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management

This qualification allows individuals to develop post-trade skills and knowledge to become specialists within the conservation and land management industry.

This qualification enables a selection of units from indigenous land management, natural area restoration, conservation earthworks or lands, parks and wildlife to create a general qualification as a job focus.


Packaging Rules

Completion of twelve (12) units made up of one (1) core unit and eleven (11) elective units.


a minimum of seven (7) units must come from the elective units list

a maximum of four (4) units may be selected from the elective units or from units aligned to Certificates III, IV or Diploma in AHC10 or from any other currently endorsed training package or accredited course. Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in conservation and land management.


Occupational Health and Safety

add topic AHCOHS401A Maintain Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) processes



add topic AHCBIO402A Carry out field surveillance for a specific emergency disease or plant pest


add topic AHCBUS402A Cost a project

add topic AHCBUS404A Operate within a budget framework

add topic BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information

add topic TLIR207C Source goods/services and evaluate contractors


add topic AHCCHM401A Minimise risks in the use of chemicals

add topic AHCCHM402A Plan and implement a chemical use program

Community coordination and facilitation

add topic AHCCCF401A Prepare project acquittal

add topic AHCCCF402A Report on project

add topic AHCCCF403A Obtain and manage sponsorship

add topic AHCCCF404A Contribute to association governance

add topic AHCCCF405A Develop community networks

add topic AHCCCF406A Facilitate ongoing group development

add topic AHCCCF407A Obtain resources from community and groups

add topic AHCCCF408A Promote community programs

add topic AHCCCF409A Participate in assessments of project submissions

add topic AHCCCF410A Support individuals in resource management change processes

add topic AHCCCF411A Develop approaches to include cultural and human diversity

add topic AHCCCF412A Coordinate board/committee elections

add topic AHCCCF413A Service committees

add topic AHCCCF414A Coordinate fund-raising activities

add topic AHCCCF415A Coordinate social events to support group purposes

add topic AHCCCF416A Present proposed courses of action to meeting

add topic CHCCD404D Develop and implement community programs

add topic LGACOM502B Devise and conduct community consultations


add topic PUAFIR303B Suppress wildfire

add topic PUAFIR407B Conduct prescribed burning

add topic PUAOPE005B Manage a multi team response

add topic PUAOPE004B Conduct briefings/debriefings

Indigenous land management

add topic AHCILM401A Protect places of cultural significance

add topic AHCILM402A Report on place of potential cultural significance

add topic AHCILM403A Contribute to the proposal for a negotiated outcome for a given area of country

add topic AHCILM404A Record and document community history

add topic AHCILM405A Develop work practices to accommodate cultural identity

add topic SITTGDE008A Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures


add topic AHCLSC401A Supervise landscape project works

Lands, parks and wildlife

add topic AHCLPW401A Process applications for changes in land use

add topic AHCLPW402A Implement land and sea management practices

add topic AHCLPW403A Inspect and monitor cultural places

add topic AHCLPW404A Produce maps for land management purposes

add topic AHCLPW405A Monitor biodiversity

add topic PUACOM012B Liaise with media at a local level

add topic PUALAW001B Protect and preserve incident scene

add topic SITTGDE010A Prepare specialised interpretive content on flora, fauna and landscape

add topic SITTGDE012A Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments

add topic SITTPPD005A Plan and develop interpretive activities

add topic SITXCCS001B Provide visitor information

Machinery operations and maintenance

add topic AHCMOM402A Supervise maintenance of property machinery and equipment

Natural area restoration

add topic AHCNAR401A Supervise natural area restoration works

add topic AHCNAR402A Plan the implementation of revegetation works

add topic FPIFGM3201A Manage seed collection

Pest management

add topic AHCPMG401A Define the pest problem in a local area

add topic AHCPMG402A Develop a pest management action plan within a local area

add topic AHCPMG403A Develop monitoring procedures for the local pest management strategy

add topic AHCPMG404A Coordinate the local pest management strategy

add topic AHCPMG405A Implement pest management action plans

add topic AHCPMG406A Investigate a reported pest treatment failure

add topic AHCPMG407A Monitor and evaluate the local pest management action plan

add topic AHCPMG408A Assess and monitor weed, pest and/or disease control programs

Parks and gardens

add topic AHCPGD402A Plan a plant establishment program


add topic AHCPCM401A Recommend plants and cultural practices

Soil and water conservation

add topic AHCSAW401A Set out conservation earthworks

add topic AHCSAW402A Supervise on-site implementation of conservation earthworks

Soils and media

add topic AHCSOL401A Sample soils and interpret results

add topic AHCSOL403A Prepare acid sulphate soil management plans

add topic AHCSOL404A Supervise acid sulphate soil remediation and management projects


add topic AHCWRK401A Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures

add topic AHCWRK402A Provide information on issues and policies

add topic AHCWRK403A Supervise work routines and staff performance

add topic AHCWRK404A Ensure compliance with pest legislation

add topic BSBWOR402A Promote team effectiveness

add topic LGAPLEM508A Manipulate and analyse data within geographic information systems

add topic MSL913002A Plan and conduct laboratory/field work

add topic PSPPM402B Manage simple projects

add topic PSPPOL404A Support policy implementation

add topic SRXGRO002A Deal with conflict

add topic TAADEL301C Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills


    Qualification pathways

    Pathways into the qualification

    This qualification may be accessed by direct entry.

    Pathways from the qualification

    Further training pathways from this qualification include, but are not limited to, Diploma of Conservation and Land Management.

    Australian Apprenticeships

    This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship.

    Job roles

    Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

    Senior conservation worker

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Licensing Information

Not Applicable

Employability Skills


Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


Listening and understanding

Speaking clearly and directly

Reading and interpreting workplace related documentation

Applying numeracy skills to workplace requirements


Working as an individual and a team member

Working with diverse individuals and groups

Applying knowledge of own role as a part of a team


Developing practical and creative solutions to workplace problems

Showing interdependence and initiative in identifying problems

Solving problems individually or in teams

Initiative and enterprise

Adapting to new situations

Being creative in response to workplace challenges

Identifying opportunities that might not be obvious to others

Planning and organising

Collecting analysing and organising information

Being appropriately resourceful


Monitoring and evaluating own performance

Taking responsibility at the appropriate level


Being open to learning, new ideas and techniques

Learning in a range of settings including informal learning


Using technology and related workplace equipment

Using advanced technology skills

Applying OHS knowledge when using technology