Total number of units = 12

Core Units = 1

Elective Units = 11

Core Unit

Work health and safety

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCWHS401

Maintain work health and safety processes

Elective Units

Select at least 9 units from the elective list

2 units aligned to AQF levels 3, 4, or 5 may be selected from the elective list, or this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course
Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in rural business and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 4


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCAGB301

Keep production records for a primary production business

add topic AHCAGB401

Plan and implement property improvement

add topic AHCAGB402

Analyse and interpret production data

add topic AHCAGB403

Keep financial records for primary production business

add topic BSBRSK401

Identify risk and apply risk management processes

Broadacre cropping

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCBAC408

Manage agricultural crop production


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCBUS401

Administer finance, insurance and legal requirements

add topic AHCBUS402

Cost a project

add topic AHCBUS404

Operate within a budget framework

add topic AHCBUS405

Participate in an e-business supply chain

add topic AHCBUS509

Develop and implement business structures and relationships

add topic BSBCMM401

Make a presentation

add topic BSBFIA402

Report on financial activity

add topic BSBHRM405

Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff

add topic BSBINM401

Implement workplace information system

add topic BSBITU404

Produce complex desktop published documents

add topic BSBLDR403

Lead team effectiveness

add topic BSBRES401

Analyse and present research information

add topic BSBSMB405

Monitor and manage small business operations

add topic BSBSMB406

Manage small business finances


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCLSK501

Manage livestock production

Pest management

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCPMG411

Ensure compliance with pest legislation


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCSHG406

Prepare shearing team wages


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCWRK401

Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures

add topic AHCWRK402

Provide information on issues and policies

add topic AHCWRK403

Supervise work routines and staff performance

add topic MSL913002

Plan and conduct laboratory/field work

add topic PSPPM402B

Manage simple projects

add topic PSPPCY004

Support policy implementation

add topic SRXGRO002A

Deal with conflict

add topic TAEDEL301

Provide work skill instruction

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.