Total number of units = 14*

Core Units = 6

Elective Units = 8

Core Units

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPCOR201

Maintain personal equipment

add topic AMPCOR202

Apply hygiene and sanitation practices

add topic AMPCOR203

Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP requirements

add topic AMPCOR204

Follow safe work policies and procedures

add topic AMPCOR205

Communicate in the workplace

add topic AMPCOR206

Overview the meat industry

Elective Units

Select 6 units from Group A, B, C, D, or E.

* Important note: Units selected from Group A must be worth 2 or more points (if a 1-point unit is selected, then an additional unit must be selected to make up the 2 points).

The remaining 2 units may be selected from the elective list, or this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course. Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in Food Services and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 2.

Group A (Units from the abattoirs sector)

Unit Code

Unit Title


Operate mechanical aids

add topic AMPA2026

Operate whizzard knife


add topic AMPA2031

Operate circular saw


add topic AMPA2035

Operate new technology or process


add topic AMPA2037

De-rind meat cuts


add topic AMPA2038

De-nude meat cuts


add topic AMPA2039

Operate rib puller


add topic AMPA2040

Operate frenching machine


add topic AMPA2041

Operate cubing machine


add topic AMPA2042

Cure and corn product in a meat processing plant


Trim carcase

add topic AMPA2044

Trim neck*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


add topic AMPA2045

Trim forequarter to specification*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


add topic AMPA2046

Trim hindquarter to specification*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


add topic AMPA2047

Inspect hindquarter and remove contamination*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


add topic AMPA2048

Inspect forequarter and remove contamination*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


add topic AMPA2049

Remove spinal cord*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


Despatch carcase from the slaughter floor

add topic AMPA2060

Grade carcase


add topic AMPA2061

Weigh carcase


add topic AMPA2062

Operate semi-automatic tagging machine


add topic AMPA2063

Measure fat*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


add topic AMPA2064

Label and stamp carcase


add topic AMPA2065

Wash carcase


add topic AMPA2066

Operate a decontamination unit


add topic AMPA2067

Remove tenderloin*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


Pack meat products

add topic AMPA2068

Inspect meat for defects*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives


add topic AMPA2069

Assemble and prepare cartons


add topic AMPA2070

Identify cuts and specifications


add topic AMPA2071

Pack meat products


add topic AMPA2073

Operate carton scales


Operate packaging machinery

add topic AMPA2072

Operate carton sealing machine


add topic AMPA2074

Operate strapping machine


add topic AMPA2075

Operate carton forming machine


add topic AMPA2076

Operate automatic CL determination machine


add topic AMPA2077

Operate bag forming equipment


Loadout product

add topic AMPA2108

Loadout meat product


add topic AMPA2109

Store carcase product


add topic AMPA2110

Store carton product


add topic AMPA2111

Locate storage areas and product


add topic AMPA2112

Complete re-pack operation


add topic AMPA2113

Bag carcase


Clean work area

add topic AMPA2171

Clean carcase hanging equipment


Clean after operations

add topic AMPA2172

Clean amenities and grounds


add topic AMPA2173

Overview cleaning program


add topic AMPA2174

Clean after operations boning room


Operate vehicle

add topic AMPA2176

Transport meat and meat products


Group B (Units from the meat retailing sector)

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPR101

Identify species and meat cuts

add topic AMPR102

Trim meat for further processing*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPR103

Store meat product

add topic AMPR104

Prepare minced meat and minced meat products*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPR105

Provide service to customers

add topic AMPR106

Process sales transactions

add topic AMPR107

Undertake minor routine maintenance

add topic AMPR108

Monitor meat temperature from receival to sale

add topic AMPR203

Select, weigh and package meat for sale

add topic AMPR212

Clean a meat retail work area

add topic AMPR201

Break and cut product using a bandsaw

add topic AMPR202

Provide advice on cooking and storage of meat products

add topic AMPR204

Package product using manual packing and labelling equipment

add topic AMPR205

Use basic methods of meat cookery*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPR206

Vacuum pack product in a retail operation

add topic AMPR207

Undertake routine preventative maintenance

add topic AMPR208

Make and sell sausages

add topic AMPR209

Produce and sell value-added products*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPR210

Receive meat product

Group C (Units from the Smallgoods sector)

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPS201

Package product using thermoform process

add topic AMPS203

Operate bar and coder systems

add topic AMPS205

Select, identify and prepare casings

add topic AMPS206

Manually shape and form product

add topic AMPS207

Slice product using simple machinery

add topic AMPS208

Rotate stored meat

add topic AMPS209

Rotate meat product

add topic AMPS210

Inspect carton meat

add topic AMPS211

Prepare dry ingredients

add topic AMPS212

Measure and calculate routine workplace data

add topic AMPS213

Manually link and tie product

Group D (Meat Processing cross-sectoral units)

add topic AMPX201

Prepare and operate bandsaw

add topic AMPX202

Clean work area during operations

add topic AMPX203

Operate scales and semi-automatic labelling machinery

add topic AMPX204

Maintain production records

add topic AMPX205

Clean chillers

add topic AMPX206

Operate forklift in a specific workplace

add topic AMPX207

Vacuum pack product

add topic AMPX208

Apply environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic AMPX209

Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX210

Prepare and slice meat cuts*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX211

Trim meat to specifications*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX212

Package product using automatic packing and labelling equipment

add topic AMPX213

Despatch meat product

add topic AMPX214

Package meat and smallgoods product for retail sale

add topic AMPX215

Operate tenderiser

add topic AMPX216

Operate mincer

add topic AMPX217

Package product using gas flushing process

add topic AMPX218

Operate metal detection unit

Group E (Units from the food processing sector)

NOTE: Units marked with an asterisk (*) require completion of prerequisite Unit/s which is identified under the Unit.

add topic FDFOP1003A

Carry out manual handling tasks

add topic FDFOP2001A

Work effectively in the food processing industry

add topic FDFOP2002A

Inspect and sort materials and product

add topic FDFOP2003A

Clean equipment in place

add topic FDFOP2004A

Clean and sanitise equipment

add topic FDFOP2005A

Work in a socially diverse environment

add topic FDFOP2007A

Work in a freezer storage area

add topic FDFOP2010A

Work with temperature controlled stock

add topic FDFOP2011A

Conduct routine maintenance

add topic FDFOP2012A

Maintain food safety when loading, unloading and transporting food

add topic FDFOP2013A

Apply sampling procedures

add topic FDFOP2014A

Participate in sensory analyses

add topic FDFOP2015A

Apply principles of statistical process control*

add topic FDFOP2061A Use numerical applications in the workplace

add topic FDFOP2016A

Work in a food handling area for non-food handlers

add topic FDFOP2018A

Operate a case packing process

add topic FDFOP2019A

Fill and close product in cans

add topic FDFOP2020A

Operate a form, fill and seal process

add topic FDFOP2021A

Operate a fill and seal process

add topic FDFOP2022A

Operate a high speed wrapping process

add topic FDFOP2023A

Operate a packaging process

add topic FDFOP2026A

Operate a forming or shaping process

add topic FDFOP2027A

Dispense non-bulk ingredients

add topic FDFOP2028A

Operate a mixing or blending process

add topic FDFOP2029A

Operate a baking process

add topic FDFOP2030A

Operate a process control interface

add topic FDFOP2031A

Operate a coating application process

add topic FDFOP2032A

Work in a clean room environment*

add topic FDFFS2001A Implement the food safety program and procedures OR

add topic FDFPH2001A Apply Good Manufacturing Practice procedures

add topic FDFOP2033A

Operate a depositing process

add topic FDFOP2034A

Operate an evaporation process

add topic FDFOP2035A

Operate an enrobing process

add topic FDFOP2036A

Operate an extrusion process

add topic FDFOP2037A

Operate a filtration process

add topic FDFOP2038A

Operate a grinding process

add topic FDFOP2039A

Operate a frying process

add topic FDFOP2040A

Operate a heat treatment process

add topic FDFOP2041A

Operate a mixing or blending and cooking process

add topic FDFOP2042A

Operate a drying process

add topic FDFOP2043A

Operate an homogenising process

add topic FDFOP2044A

Operate a retort process

add topic FDFOP2045A

Operate pumping equipment

add topic FDFOP2046A

Operate a production process

add topic FDFOP2047A

Operate a portion saw

add topic FDFOP2048A

Pre-process raw materials

add topic FDFOP2049A

Operate a reduction process

add topic FDFOP2050A

Operate a separation process

add topic FDFOP2051A

Operate a spreads production process

add topic FDFOP2052A

Operate a chocolate tempering process

add topic FDFOP2053A

Operate a washing and drying process

add topic FDFOP2054A

Operate a water purification process

add topic FDFOP2056A

Operate a freezing process

add topic FDFOP2057A

Operate a membrane process

add topic FDFOP2058A

Operate a holding and storage process

add topic FDFOP2059A

Operate a continuous freezing process

add topic FDFOP2060A

Operate an automated cutting process

add topic FDFOP2061A

Use numerical applications in the workplace

add topic FDFPPL2001A

Participate in work teams and groups

add topic FDFSUG222A

Operate a waste water treatment system

Group F (Imported Units from Other Training Packages)

add topic CPPCLO3020

Pressure wash and clean surfaces

add topic CPPCLO3036

Clean at heights

add topic CPPCLO2035

Maintain cleaning storage areas

add topic CPPCLO3038

Clean food-handling areas

add topic BSBITU101

Operate a personal computer

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

add topic MSL922001

Record and present data

add topic SIRRRTF001

Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal

add topic TLIA2009

Complete and check import/export documentation

add topic TLIA2014

Use product knowledge to complete work operations

add topic TLIA2021

Despatch stock

add topic TLIA4025

Regulate temperature controlled stock

add topic TLID2003

Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances

add topic TLID2004

Load and unload goods/cargo

add topic TLID2010

Operate a forklift

add topic TLID2013

Move materials mechanically using automated equipment

add topic TLIK2010

Use infotechnology devices in the workplace

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification