Certificate IV in Automotive Manufacturing

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to become a Lead Technician within the automotive manufacturing sector. This qualification is suitable for automotive manufacturing including passenger motor vehicle and bus, truck and trailer industries.

Job roles or employment outcomes

This qualification is a post-trade level qualification in the automotive manufacturing industry. It is designed for a Lead Technician covering a range of specialised functions.


To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in 10 units of competency, consisting of:

3 core units


7 elective units, of which:

all units from either Group A or Group B


4 elective units may be chosen from the elective units listed below

up to 2units may be drawn from a Certificate III qualification or above in this Training Package, another endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided that the units chosen contribute to the vocational outcome of this qualification and do not duplicate the outcome of another unit selected for this qualification

Core units

Unit code

Unit title

Common - Teamwork, Supervision and Management - Manufacture


Influence and lead work groups in an automotive manufacturing environment

Passenger Vehicle - Teamwork, Supervision and Management - Manufacture


Plan and organise production

Imported units

add topic MSACMT441A

Facilitate continuous improvement in manufacturing

Group A

Unit code

Unit title

Common - Quality


Apply quality assurance techniques

Common - Technical


Conduct final inspections and functional tests


Provide technical advice

Group B

Unit code

Unit title


Imported units

add topic MSACMC411A

Lead a competitive manufacturing team

add topic MSACMT440A

Lead 5S in a manufacturing environment

add topic MSACMT453A

Use six sigma techniques

add topic MSACMT452A

Elective units

Unit code

Unit title


Common - Support and Logistics - Manufacture


Control stock

Common - Technology (Computing) - Manufacture


Program and monitor computerised equipment


Produce computer-aided drawings

Common - Teamwork, Supervision and Management


Prepare new product designs

Common - Loss Assessment or Repair Quoting


Prepare and document quotation

Common - Health and Safety


Monitor and maintain a safe workplace and environment

Common - Technical


Develop and produce documentation and procedures


Conduct simulated or road performance test


Produce drawings manually

Common - Technical - Tools and Equipment


Use measuring equipment


Calibrate measuring equipment in automotive development


Test plant, tooling, equipment, product or systems


Install plant, equipment or systems


Maintain plant, tooling, equipment or systems


Repair plant, tooling, equipment or systems


Manufacture or modify plant, tooling, equipment or systems


Interpret manuals, drawings and circuits for plant, tooling, equipment or systems

Common - Technical - Electrical and Electronic


Use sensors to acquire motor vehicle data for development purposes

Common - Technical - Welding, Grinding, Machining and Soldering


Conduct welding inspection

Passenger Vehicle - Technical


Document designs


Analyse a test vehicle for research purposes

Imported units

add topic AURC472082A

Plan and manage compliance with environmental regulations in a workplace or business

add topic AURM441976B

Test engines using a dynamometer

add topic AURT466208A

Carry out diagnosis of complex system faults

add topic BSBLED401A

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBPMG403A

Apply cost management techniques

add topic BSBRKG304B

Maintain business records

add topic BSBRSK401A

Identify risk and apply risk management processes

add topic ICAICT103A

Use, communicate and search securely on the internet

add topic MSACMC210A

Manage the impact of change on own work

add topic MSACMS201A

Sustain process improvements

add topic MSACMS400A

Implement a competitive manufacturing system

add topic MSACMS401A

Ensure process improvements are sustained

add topic MSACMT220A

Apply quick changeover procedures

add topic MSACMT230A

Apply cost factors to work practices

add topic MSACMT231A

Interpret product costs in terms of customer requirements

add topic MSACMT250A

Monitor process capability

add topic MSACMT251A

Apply quality standards

add topic MSACMT260A

Use planning software systems in manufacturing

add topic MSACMT261A

Use SCADA systems in manufacturing

add topic MSACMT280A

Undertake root cause analysis

add topic MSACMT421A

Facilitate a Just In Time (JIT) system

add topic MSACMT430A

Improve cost factors in work practices

add topic MSACMT432A

Analyse manual handling processes

add topic MSACMT451A

Mistake proof a production process

add topic MSACMT452A

Apply statistics to processes in manufacturing

add topic MSACMT460A

Facilitate the use of planning software systems in manufacturing

add topic MSACMT260A

add topic MSAPMSUP390A

Use structured problem solving tools

add topic MSS404050A

Undertake process capability improvements

add topic MSS404052A


    Pathways into the qualification

    Preferred pathways for individuals entering this qualification are AUM30112 Certificate III in Automotive Manufacturing Technical Operations – Passenger Motor Vehicle, AUM30212 Certificate III in Automotive Manufacturing Technical Operations – Bus, Truck and Trailer or other relevant qualifications.

    Pathways from the qualification

    Further training pathways from this qualification include AUM50112 Diploma of Automotive Manufacturing or other relevant qualifications.

Entry Requirements

Those undertaking AUM40112 Certificate IV in Automotive Manufacturing are required to have AUMGQA3001 Inspect work and apply organisation technical quality standards, or be able to demonstrate equivalent competency.

Licensing Information

There are no specific licences that relate to this qualification. However, some units in this qualification may have licensing or regulatory requirements, depending on the work context. Local regulations should be checked for details.

Employability Skills


The following table contains a summary of the Employability Skills required by the automotive manufacturing industry for this qualification. The Employability Skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirement5s for this qualification include:


gathering, conveying and receiving verbal and written information

communicating ideas and information to enable confirmation of work requirements and specifications


working with colleagues to produce workplace documents

understanding dependencies in teams and using cooperative approaches

Problem solving

using checking techniques to anticipate problems and avoid interruptions to work flows or processes

Initiative and enterprise

applying best practice work processes within the organisation

being proactive in overcoming work blockages

Planning and organising

planning and organising activities to ensure tasks are completed on time


behaving in ways that contribute to an effective and safe working environment

identifying own roles and responsibilities

satisfying competency requirements for the job


listening to ideas and opinions of other members of the team

seeking learning opportunities


operating a range of workplace technology related to tools, equipment and measuring devices

identifying and responding to equipment faults