A total 23 units of competency comprising:

13 core units listed below plus

10 general elective units from the general elective units listed below. The general elective units must contribute to the vocational outcomes of the qualification.

Where imported units are selected, care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisite units specified are complied with.

Core units

add topic AVIF0004

Implement aviation risk management processes

add topic AVIF0005

Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes

add topic AVIF0014

Manage human factors in aviation operations

add topic AVIL0001

Manage shifts, crewing and rostering activities in aviation

add topic BSBLDR403

Lead team effectiveness

add topic BSBMGT401

Show leadership in the workplace

add topic BSBMGT402

Implement operational plan

add topic BSBWHS401

Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements

add topic TLIE4006

Collect, analyse and present workplace data and information

add topic TLIF4014

Develop and maintain a safe workplace

add topic TLIG4006

Facilitate work teams

add topic TLIL4009

Manage personal work priorities and professional development

add topic TLIL4033

Promote effective workplace practice

General elective units

add topic AVIB3005

Inspect and report on aerodrome serviceability

add topic AVIB3006

Inspect and report on serviceability of aerodrome lighting systems

add topic AVIB3007

Inspect and report on obstacle limitation surfaces

add topic AVIC4002

Administer airside driving

add topic AVIE0001

Operate aeronautical radio

add topic AVIF0001

Apply aircraft safety procedures

add topic AVIF0007

Implement threat and error management strategies

add topic AVIF0011

Manage aircraft passengers and cargo

add topic AVIF0012

Apply aviation work health and safety procedures

add topic AVIF3005

Maintain the safety of people and aircraft

add topic AVIF3006

Respond to abnormal and emergency situations in an aircraft

add topic AVIF3012

Apply relevant laws and regulations to the operation of an aerodrome

add topic AVIF3025

Facilitate the safety of aerodrome works and works site access

add topic AVIF3026

Facilitate an aerodrome emergency response

add topic AVIF4008

Supervise cabin safety and security

add topic AVIG2003

Work in a socially diverse environment

add topic AVII3010

Carry out aircraft business and first class meal and non-alcoholic beverage service

add topic AVII4013

Supervise cabin operations

add topic AVII4015

Monitor and enhance customer service excellence

add topic AVIJ4002

Conduct quality control operations related to refuelling and defuelling aircraft

add topic AVIL3003

Plan an aircraft load

add topic AVIL3004

Assess pavement concessions

add topic AVIO2006

Control access to and exit from an airside security zone or landside security zone at an airport

add topic AVIO4003

Implement airside access

add topic AVIW3023

Implement wildlife hazard control measures

add topic AVIW4034

Supervise aircraft refuelling

add topic AVIW5022

Coordinate the removal of disabled aircraft

add topic BSBAUD402

Participate in a quality audit

add topic BSBHRM405

Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff

add topic BSBMGT502

Manage people performance

add topic BSBPMG410

Apply project time management techniques

add topic BSBWOR502

Lead and manage team effectiveness

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

add topic HLTAID006

Provide advanced first aid

add topic HLTAID007

Provide advanced resuscitation

add topic TLIA2011

Package goods

add topic TLIA3002

Maintain container/cargo records

add topic TLIA4005

Check and evaluate records and documentation

add topic TLIA4025

Regulate temperature controlled stock

add topic TLIA4030

Prepare cargo for export

add topic TLIA4031

Consolidate freight

add topic TLIA4032

Organise transport of freight or goods

add topic TLIA4033

Organise international transport of freight

add topic TLIC4006

Drive multi-combination vehicle

add topic TLIE4013

Apply workplace statistics

add topic TLIF4007

Implement and coordinate accident-emergency procedures

add topic TLIF4064

Manage fatigue management policy and procedures

add topic TLII4001

Coordinate quality customer service

add topic TLII4005

Market services and products to clients

add topic TLIJ5007

Conduct internal quality audits

add topic TLIL4005

Apply conflict/grievance solution strategies

add topic TLIL4010

Assess and confirm customer transport requirements

add topic TLIL4032

Implement equal employment equity strategies

add topic TLIO3007

Undertake emergency response action to a security threat

add topic TLIP4001

Develop plans to meet customer and organisation needs

add topic TLIP4002

Facilitate and capitalise on change in the workplace

add topic TLIP4005

Manage workplace information

add topic TLIP4031

Maintain customer credit accounts and services

add topic TLIP5007

Contribute to the development of a workplace learning environment

add topic TLIR4001

Monitor supplier performance

add topic TLIR4002

Source goods/services and evaluate contractors

add topic TLIR4003

Negotiate a contract

add topic TLIU4001

Implement and monitor environmental protection policies and procedures

add topic TLIU5006

Conduct environmental audits

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.