To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in:

18 units of competency:

6 core units

12 elective units.

The elective units must ensure the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome and are to be chosen as follows:

5 units from Group A - up to 2 of these 5 units may instead be chosen from the Group A elective units listed in add topic CPP30616 Certificate III in Waste Management or CPP50616 Diploma of Waste Management

7 units may be chosen from Group A or Group B up to 2 of these 7 units may be chosen from other Certificate III, Certificate IV or Diploma qualifications in CPP, or another current Training Package or accredited course, provided they do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification.

Core units

add topic CPPCMN4002

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic CPPCMN4003

Establish, develop and monitor teams

add topic CPPCMN4004

Develop and manage client relations

add topic CPPCMN4007

Manage workplace safety arrangements

add topic CPPWMT4030

Plan waste management services

add topic CPPWMT4050

Deliver training in hazard identification and waste emergency responses

Elective units

Group A Operations

add topic BSBINN301

Promote innovation in a team environment

add topic CPPWMT4001

Plan waste audits

add topic CPPWMT4002

Carry out waste audits

add topic CPPWMT4003

Evaluate waste assessment findings

add topic CPPWMT4006

Organise waste recovery operations

add topic CPPWMT4007

Implement waste management plans

add topic CPPWMT4022

Monitor waste disposal sites

add topic CPPWMT4027

Select and obtain waste management plant, equipment and materials

add topic CPPWMT4032

Educate clients on waste management

add topic CPPWMT4035

Undertake waste process audits

add topic CPPWMT4037

Conduct minor maintenance and repairs on waste processing plant and equipment

add topic CPPWMT4052

Organise waste management operations

add topic CPPWMT4053

Conduct and monitor waste management operations

add topic CPPWMT4055

Develop waste management proposals

add topic CPPWMT4056

Implement landfill rehabilitation plans

add topic CPPWMT4060

Optimise waste management operations

add topic CPPWMT4062

Identify waste avoidance techniques

Group B Common

add topic BSBADM504

Plan and implement administrative systems

add topic BSBATSIW416

Obtain and manage consultancy services

add topic BSBFIA302

Process payroll

add topic BSBFIA402

Report on financial activity

add topic BSBHRM404

Review human resources functions

add topic BSBHRM405

Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff

add topic BSBITB501

Establish and maintain a workgroup computer network

add topic BSBLED401

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBMGT406

Plan and monitor continuous improvement

add topic BSBMKG514

Implement and monitor marketing activities

add topic BSBRSK501

Manage risk

add topic BSBSLS407

Identify and plan sales prospects

add topic BSBSLS408

Present, secure and support sales solutions

add topic CPPPMT3005

Manage pests without applying pesticides

add topic TAEASS401B

Plan assessment activities and processes

add topic TAEDEL301A

Provide work skill instruction

add topic TAEDEL401A

Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning

add topic TLID2016A

Load and unload explosives and dangerous goods

add topic TLIF3063

Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.