Total number of units = 12

6 core units plus

6 elective units, of which:

a minimum of 2 units must be from Group A

of the remaining units:

up to 4 units may be from Group A, Group B and/or Group C

up to 2 units may be from any currently endorsed Training Package at Diploma level or above

up to 2 units may be from an accredited course or any currently endorsed Training Package at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level.

The elective units chosen must be relevant to the work outcome and meet local industry needs.

Core units

add topic BSBWHS504A Manage WHS hazards and risks

add topic BSBWOR402A Promote team effectiveness

CUVATS501 Plan Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts projects

CUVATS503 Work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual artists and their communities

add topic CULATS501A Work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural material

add topic CUVIND501B Maintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge

Elective units

Group A Arts industry

add topic BSBIPR401A Use and respect copyright

CUVATS401 Develop and apply knowledge of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts industry

CUVATS502 Research the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual artists

add topic CUFRES401A Conduct research

add topic CULCNM501A Assess the significance of collections

add topic CULCNM503A Manage the development of collections

add topic CULCNM602A Develop and monitor procedures for the movement and storage of collection material

add topic CULEVP403A Install and dismantle exhibition elements

add topic CULEVP503A Develop and promote activities, events and public programs

add topic CULEVP504A Develop exhibition concepts

add topic CULRSK501A Monitor compliance with copyright and licence requirements

add topic CUVIND401A Communicate effectively with arts professionals

add topic CUVPRP303A Select and prepare creative work for exhibition

add topic CUVPRP403A Select and organise finished work for storage

add topic CUVRES501A Critique cultural works

add topic CUVRES502A Analyse cultural history and theory

SITXEVT608 Plan and allocate exhibition space

Group B Community development

add topic CHCCD412B Work within a community development framework

add topic CHCCD514B Implement community development strategies

add topic HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

Group C Business and finance

add topic BSBADM502B Manage meetings

add topic BSBCUS501C Manage quality customer service

add topic BSBINN502A Build and sustain an innovative work environment

add topic BSBIPR501A Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business

add topic BSBMKG414B Undertake marketing activities

add topic BSBPMG522A Undertake project work

add topic BSBPUB503A Manage fundraising and sponsorship activities

add topic BSBRSK501B Manage risk

add topic BSBSMB409A Build and maintain relationships with small business stakeholders

add topic BSBSUS501A Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

add topic BSBWOR501B Manage personal work priorities and professional development

add topic BSBWOR502B Ensure team effectiveness

add topic BSBWRT401A Write complex documents

add topic CUSFIM501A Secure funding for projects

add topic FNSORG501A Develop and manage a budget

Entry Requirements