Certificate IV in Pulping Operations

Not Applicable


Qualification Notes

Total number of units = 10

2 Core units plus

8 Elective units

One elective unit must be selected from a single Industry Specific group (Groups A-F)

One elective unit must be selected from each of the following Support Electives groups





Remaining electives may be selected from the Supplementary Electives list and can include up to 2 units from an endorsed Training Package or State/Territory accredited course

Elective units must be relevant to the work outcome sought, industry requirements and the qualification level. Units selected must not duplicate each other in content


Unit Code

Unit Name

add topic FPPPRS320A

Solve systemic problems in the workplace

add topic TLIE4006A

Collect, analyse and present workplace data and information


Group A: Chemical recovery operations

(co-located in Certificate IV Papermaking Operations)

add topic FPPREC440A

Troubleshoot and rectify chemical recovery operations

Group B: Steam generation

(co-located in Certificate IV Papermaking Operations)

add topic FPPSTM440A

Troubleshoot and rectify boiler plant systems

Group C: Electrical power generation

(co-located in Certificate IV Papermaking Operations)

add topic FPPEPG440A

Troubleshoot and rectify power generation system

Group D: Stock preparations operations

add topic FPPSPR440A

Troubleshoot and rectify stock preparation systems

Group E: Pulping operations

add topic FPPPUL440A

Troubleshoot and rectify pulping processes

Group F: Waste paper operations

add topic FPPWPO440A

Troubleshoot and rectify waste paper operations



add topic FPPNUM320A

Measure and calculate routine workplace data

add topic FPPNUM430A

Calculate and analyse production and financial performance

add topic MSS404052A

Apply statistics to operational processes


add topic FPPOHS320A

Maintain OHS processes

add topic FPPOHS420A

Manage OHS processes


add topic FPPQAS420A

Co-ordinate in-process quality assurance

add topic MSS402051A

Apply quality standards

add topic MSAPMSUP400A

Develop and monitor quality systems


add topic FPPSUS210A

Apply sustainable work practices/policies

add topic MSACMT270A

Use sustainable energy practices

add topic MSACMT271A

Use sustainable environmental practices

add topic MSAENV472B

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices


Computers / process control equipment

add topic FPPCSK310A

Operate process control equipment

Emergency procedures / safety

add topic FPPOHS410A

Identify, assess and control OHS risk in own work

add topic BSBOHS401B

Contribute to the implementation of a systematic approach to managing OHS

add topic BSBWHS403A

Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes

add topic BSBOHS403B

Identify hazards and assess OHS risks

add topic BSBOHS404B

Contribute to the implementation of strategies to control OHS risk

add topic BSBWHS510A

Contribute to the implementing emergency procedures

add topic BSBWHS409A

Assist with workplace monitoring processes

add topic BSBWHS401A

Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements

add topic BSBWHS402A

Assist with compliance with WHS laws

add topic MSAPMOHS110A

Follow emergency response procedures

Environmental monitoring

add topic FPPENV320A

Monitor and control environmental hazards

First aid

add topic MSAPMOHS220A

Provide initial first aid response

Planning and organising

add topic FPPPLN420A

Plan a complex activity

add topic BSBADM405B

Organise meetings

add topic MEM14005A

Plan a complete activity

add topic MEM30020A

Develop and manage a plan for a simple manufacturing related project

add topic PSPPM402B

Manage simple projects

Water services

add topic FPPWAS340A

Troubleshoot and rectify water systems (unit has pre-requisite)

Business support

add topic FPPQAS430A

Oversee quality assurance process

add topic BSBCMM401A

Make a presentation

add topic BSBFLM305C

Support operational plan

add topic BSBFLM309C

Support continuous improvement systems and processes

add topic BSBFLM311C

Support a workplace learning environment

add topic BSBREL401A

Establish networks

add topic BSBRSK401A

Identify risk and apply risk management processes

add topic BSBWOR401A

Establish effective workplace relationships

add topic BSBWOR402A

Promote team effectiveness

add topic BSBWRK402A

Empower workers

add topic BSBWRK403A

Communicate with workers

add topic BSBWRK404A

Promote equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all workers

add topic BSBWRK406A

Participate in the bargaining process

add topic BSBWRK407A

Provide advice to union members

add topic BSBWRK408A

Undertake negotiations

add topic BSBWRK409A

Prepare for and participate in dispute resolution

add topic MSAPMSUP382A

Provide coaching/mentoring in the workplace

Training and assessment

add topic TAEASS505A

Lead and coordinate assessment systems and services

add topic TAEDES502B

Design and develop learning resources

add topic TAEASS301B

Contribute to assessment

add topic TAEASS502B

Develop assessment tools

add topic TAEDEL401A

Plan, organise and deliver group-based delivery

add topic TAEDEL402A

Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace

add topic TAEDEL404A

Mentor in the workplace

add topic TAEDES401A

Design and develop learning programs

add topic TAEDES402A

Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs

add topic TAETAS501B

Undertake organisational training needs analysis

add topic TAEASS401B

Plan assessment activities and processes

add topic TAEASS402B

Assess competence

add topic TAEASS403B

Participate in assessment validation

Laboratory operations

add topic MSL904001A

Perform standard calibration

Production support

add topic FPPPRV320A

Co-ordinate and direct clothing changes

add topic MEM18011C

Shut down and isolate machines/equipment

add topic MSACMC411A

Lead a competitive manufacturing team

add topic MSS403001A

Implement a competitive systems and practices

add topic MSACMS401A

Ensure process improvements are sustained

add topic MSS402020A

Apply quick changeover procedures

add topic MSS402040A

Apply 5S procedures

add topic MSS402050A

Monitor process capability

add topic MSS403032A

Analyse manual handling processes

add topic MSACMT440A

Lead 5S in a manufacturing environment

add topic MSS403051A

Mistake proof an operational process

Turbine operations

add topic UEPOPS341A

Shut down a steam turbine

add topic UEPOPS411B

Run up a steam turbine


    Not Applicable

Entry Requirements

The following units of competency must be achieved either before or while undertaking Certificate IV in Pulping Operations

Please note that imported units from other Training Packages are for the purpose of Industry assessment only and that any licensing requirements are to be dealt with through specific Licensing Units, undertaken prior to this qualification and in such a manner as to meet state and territory licensing requirements

If Group A Elective is chosen:

FPPREC210A Monitor and control chemical recovery operations

FPPREC320A Prepare and start up chemical recovery operations

FPPREC330A Co-ordinate and implement chemical recovery shutdowns

If Group B Elective is chosen:

FPPSTM210A Monitor and control boiler operation

FPPSTM320A Manage steam boiler startup

FPPSTM330A Shut down and bank steam boiler

If Group C Elective is chosen:

FPPEPG210A Monitor and control power generation system

FPPEPG320A Manage a power generation system startup

FPPEPG330A Co-ordinate power generation system shutdown

If Group D Elective is chosen:

FPPSPR210A Monitor and control stock preparation systems

FPPSPR320A Prepare and start up stock preparation system for production

FPPSPR330A Co-ordinate and implement stock preparation system shutdown

If Group E Elective is chosen:

FPPPUL210A Monitor and control pulping operations

FPPPUL250A Store and distribute pulped product

FPPPUL320A Prepare and start up pulping system operations

If Group F Elective is chosen:

FPPWPO210A Monitor and control waste paper operations

FPPWPO320A Prepare and start up waste paper operations

FPPWPO330A Co-ordinate and implement waste paper shutdown

Licensing Information

Not Applicable

Employability Skills


The following table contains a summary of the employability skills for this qualification. This table should be interpreted in conjunction with the detailed requirements of each unit of competency packaged in this qualification. The outcomes described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on the packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


Communicate effectively with others when collecting, analysing and presenting workplace data and information

Communicate outcomes of problem solutions to team and appropriate personnel

Read complex text


Assemble team for analysis

Lead and manage team processes

Refer problems to appropriate group or department


Devise appropriate action and solutions to typical presentation and communication problems

Promptly report and/or rectify any identified problems that may arise when collecting, analysing and presenting workplace data and information in accordance with regulatory requirements and workplace procedures

Rectify problems within level of responsibility

Initiative and enterprise

Identify causes and effects of faults and corrective action on associated processes

Implement contingency plans if required

Modify activities depending on differing operational contingencies, risk situations and environments

Planning and organising

Develop action plan including contingencies

Identify and organise resources to implement action plan

Organise and present processed information in a logical manner


Demonstrate leadership

Interpret and follow operational instructions and prioritise work

Maintain situational awareness in work area

Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


Assess available types of problem solving activities/methodologies and determine most appropriate, such as e-learning tools

Assist others to identify and resolve operational problems in the workplace

Assist team members where required


Identify and use required communication and presentation technology

Solve systemic problems in the pulp and paper industry, typically involving complex integrated equipment and continuous operations

Use electronic and other control systems to control equipment and processes as required