To be awarded the add topic FWP30616 Certificate III in Timber Merchandising, competency must be achieved in thirteen (13) units of competency.

five (5) core units of competency

eight (8) units of competency from the elective group, consisting of:

3 units from Group A

5 units from Group A and/or Group B, the total of which can include up to two units recommended for packaging at Certificate II, III or IV level from this or any other endorsed Training Package or state/territory accredited course.

Elective units must be relevant to work undertaken in the timber merchandising sector of the industry.


Unit Code

Unit Title


add topic FWPCOR2201

Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry

add topic FWPCOR3201

Implement safety, health and environment policies and procedures

add topic FWPCOR3202

Conduct quality and product care procedures

add topic FWPCOT2241

Apply wood and timber product knowledge

add topic SIRXSLS303

Build relationships with customers



Collaboration and team work

add topic BSBFLM303

Contribute to effective workplace relationships

add topic BSBFLM312

Contribute to team effectiveness

add topic BSBINN201

Contribute to workplace innovation

add topic BSBINM301

Organise workplace information


add topic FWPCOR3204

Visually assess materials

add topic FWPCOT3204

Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings

add topic FWPCOT3218

Quote and interpret from manufactured timber product plans

add topic FWPCOT3251

Promote the carbon benefits of wood products

add topic FWPCOT3269

Provide specialised timber product solutions

add topic FWPTMM3203

Estimate and cost job

add topic SIRRRPK214

Recommend specialised products and services

add topic SIRWSLS301

Build sales relationships

add topic SIRXFIN201

Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal

add topic SIRXICT303

Operate retail information technology systems

add topic SIRXMER202

Plan, create and maintain displays

add topic SIRXMER303

Coordinate merchandise presentation

add topic SIRXMER406

Monitor in-store visual merchandising display

Warehousing & Dispatch

add topic CPCCCA2011A

Handle carpentry materials

add topic FWPCOT2207

Dress boards and timber

add topic FWPCOT3250

Prepare timber to meet import/export compliance requirements

add topic SIRWINV302

Monitor inventory capacity to meet demand

add topic TLIA2012

Pick & process orders

add topic TLIA3015

Complete receival/despatch documentation

add topic TLIA3016

Use inventory systems to organise stock control

add topic TLIA3018

Organise despatch operations

add topic TLIA3038

Control and order stock

add topic TLID1001

Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

add topic TLID3011

Conduct specialised forklift operations

add topic TLILIC2002

Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck





add topic BSBCUE305

Process credit applications

add topic BSBCUE306

Process complex accounts

add topic BSBFIA301

Maintain financial records

add topic CPPSEC1002A

Apply retail security procedures

add topic SIRXFIN003A

Produce financial reports

IT systems & applications

add topic BSBCUE301

Use multiple information systems

add topic ICTICT308

Use advanced features of computer applications

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.