Certificate III in Health Support Services

This qualification covers workers who provide support for the effective functioning of health services, requiring discretion and judgement. These functions are carried out under supervision. These workers may also provide a team leadership, workplace training or leading hand function. Health Support Services do not involve direct care assistance tasks such as assisting other staff with care of clients.

This qualification is suited to Australian Apprenticeship pathways.

Occupational titles for these workers may include:

Laundry leading hand

Maintenance supervisor

Senior kitchen hand

Senior cleaner

Food safety supervisor



15 units of competency are required for award of this qualification, including:

4 core units

11 elective units

A wide range of electives is available and can be packaged to provide either:

a generic qualification that covers a range of work functions, or

a targeted qualification as required for specific work roles

Elective units are to be packaged as follows:

For a generic qualification select a minimum of 6 units of competency from the relevant electives listed below (i.e. across all streams)


For a qualification targeted to a specific area of work select a minimum of 6 units of competency from the relevant elective group

andadditional electives may be selected from:

Units of competency to address workplace requirements and packaged at the level of this qualification or higher in Health and/or Community Services Training Packages

Where appropriate, to address workplace requirements, up to 3 units of competency packaged at the level of this qualification or higher in other relevant Training Packages or accredited courses where the details of those courses are available on the TGA or other public listing

Core units

add topic BSBFLM303C Contribute to effective workplace relationships

add topic HLTHIR301C Communicate and work effectively in health

add topic HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures

add topic HLTWHS200A Participate in WHS processes

The importance of culturally aware and respectful practice

All workers undertaking work in health need foundation knowledge to inform their work with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients and co-workers and with clients and co-workers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This foundation must be provided and assessed as part of a holistic approach to delivery and assessment of this qualification. Specific guidelines for assessment of this aspect of competency are provided in the Assessment Guidelines for the Health Training Package.

Relevant electives

Electives are to be selected in line with the specified Packaging Rules. Workplaces may package electives to reflect the functions of workers. To facilitate the selection of electives, relevant units of competency have been grouped as follows:

Cleaning electives

Laundry electives

Food services electives

Grounds maintenance electives

General maintenance electives

Work relationships electives

1.For a generic qualification

Select a minimum of 6 units of competency from across all elective groups below, including elective Groups A-D and 'Other relevant electives'.

2.For a qualification targeted to a specific work area

Industry has identified three specific work areas that demand a minimum number of electives (i.e. 6 electives) to be selected as follows:

Cleaning work requires 6 Group ACleaning electives

Laundry work requires 6 Group BLaundry electives

Food services work requires 6 Group CFood services electives

Where the electives achieved address requirements for one of these specific work areas, this is to be clearly articulated on the transcript (certification) as:

"This qualification includes electives required for Cleaning work"

"This qualification includes electives required for Laundry work"


"This qualification includes electives required for Food services work"

3.Select additional electives to a total of 11 electives in line with the Packaging Rules

A number of units of competency listed as electives for this qualification have been drawn from other Training Packages as follows:

PRM04 Asset Maintenance Training Package

LMT07 Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package (V2)

SIT07 Tourism, Hospitality and Events V2

RTF03 Amenity Horticulture Training Package

TLI07 Transport and Logistics Training Package

BSB07 Business Services Training Package (V3)

CPP07 Property Services Training Package

Where job roles are undertaken predominantly outside a health care setting then Training Package users may wish to access qualifications from that Training Package.

Group A electives - at least 6 units required for CLEANING work

add topic PRMCC01A Use hot water extraction

add topic PRMCC03A Use dry foam shampoo

add topic PRMCC04A Use dry absorbent compound

add topic PRMCC05A Use wet foam shampoo

add topic PRMCL02B Restore a hard floor surface

add topic PRMCL03B Replace a hard floor finish

add topic PRMCL09B Clean glass surfaces

add topic PRMCL10B Clean ceiling surfaces and fittings

add topic PRMCL13B Clean window coverings

add topic PRMCL16B Wash furniture and fittings

add topic PRMCL20B Clean using pressure washing

add topic PRMCL22B Organise and monitor cleaning operations

Group B electives - at least 6 units required for LAUNDRY work

add topic LMTGN2005B Perform minor maintenance

add topic LMTGN2006B Perform test or inspection to check product quality

add topic LMTGN2008B Coordinate work of team or section

add topic LMTGN2010B Perform tasks to support production

add topic LMTGN3001B Control production in a section of a textiles, clothing and footwear enterprise

add topic LMTGN3005B Plan tasks to assist production operations

add topic LMTGN4005A Plan and implement production within a work area

Group C electives - at least 6 units required for FOOD SERVICES work

add topic HLTFS207C Follow basic food safety practices

add topic HLTFS302D Prepare foods suitable for a range of food service settings

(Note pre-requ: add topic HLTFS207C )

add topic HLTFS309C Oversee the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace (Note pre-requ: HLTFS207C )

add topic HLTFS310C Apply and monitor food safety requirements

(Note pre-requ: add topic HLTFS207C )

add topic HLTFS311C Develop food safety programs (Note pre-requ: HLTFS207C )

add topic HLTFS312C Conduct food safety audits (Note pre-requ: HLTFS311C )

add topic HLTNA302D Plan and evaluate meals and menus to meet recommended dietary guidelines

add topic SITHCCC009A Prepare vegetables, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes

(Note pre-requs: add topic SITXOHS002A , SITHCCC001B , SITHCCC002A , SITHCCC005A )

add topic SITHCCC029A Prepare foods according to dietary and cultural needs

(Note pre-requ: add topic SITXOHS002A )

add topic SITXINV002A Control and order stock

(Note pre-requ: add topic SITXINV001A or SITHCCC003B )

Group D electives - recommended for culturally aware and respectful practice

Where work involves a specific focus on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and/or culturally diverse clients or communities, one or both of the following electives is recommended:

add topic HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

add topic HLTHIR404D Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people

Other relevant electives

Grounds maintenance electives

add topic AHCPMG301A Control weeds

add topic AHCPMG302A Control plant pests, diseases and disorders

add topic AHCCHM303A Prepare and apply chemicals

add topic AHCCHM304A Transport, handle and store chemicals

add topic AHCTRF303A Implement a grassed area maintenance program

add topic AHCTRF302A Establish turf

add topic AHCNSY306A Implement propagation plan

General maintenance elective

add topic HLTGM305D Maintain pool environments

Work relationships electives

add topic BSBINN301A Promote innovation in a team environment

add topic BSBFLM312C Contribute to team effectiveness

add topic CHCCS401C Facilitate responsible behaviour

add topic CHCORG303B Participate effectively in the work environment

add topic HLTCSD306D Respond effectively to behaviours of concern

Sustainability electives

add topic CPPCMN3001B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic CPPCMN4001A Develop workplace policy and procedure for sustainability

add topic CPPCMN4002A Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices


    Not Applicable

Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Refer to the Topic: Introduction to the Employability Skills Qualification Summaries