Certificate IV in Defence Health Care

This qualification provides the knowledge and skills needed to work as a Health Care Provider in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The qualification has been designed specifically for work within the ADF and the 11 units of competency with codes beginning HLTDEFHC are available only to ADF personnel.

This qualification is suited to Australian Apprenticeship pathways.

Occupational titles for these workers include:

Medical assistant

Health care provider



29 units of competency are required for this qualification, including:

18 core units

11 elective units

Electives are to be selected from:

Group A medical assisting specialist electives of which six (6) are required for medical assisting work in Defence

Group B elective which is recommended for culturally aware and respectful practice

Group C - general electives

Core units

add topic HLTAMBCR401C Deliver basic clinical care (Note pre-requ: HLTAP401B )

add topic HLTAMBSC401B Manage routine scene and promote public safety

add topic HLTCSD304D Support the care of clients

add topic HLTDEFHC401B Administer medications

add topic HLTDEFHC402B Assist with clinical procedures

add topic HLTDEFHC403B Conduct a clinical assessment

add topic HLTDEFHC404B Conduct a clinical measurement

add topic HLTDEFHC405B Provide inpatient care

add topic HLTDEFHC406B Participate in deployed health capability

add topic HLTDEFHC407C Perform basic clinical procedures

add topic HLTDEFHC408B Provide treatments for common conditions

add topic HLTDEFHC409B Provide general support during casualty resuscitation

(Note pre-requ: add topic PUADEFEO101D )

add topic HLTDEFHC410B Record clinical information during casualty resuscitation

add topic HLTFA412A Apply advanced first aid (Note pre-requ: HLTFA311A )

add topic HLTHIR301C Communicate and work effectively in health

add topic HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

add topic HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures

add topic HLTWHS300A Contribute to WHS processes

Relevant electives

Group A - medical assisting specialist elective units (select 6)

Six (6) electives must be selected from the units below.

add topic HLTAH302D Assist with the application and removal of a plaster cast

add topic HLTAMBAE403D Follow procedures for routine safe removal of client

add topic HLTCOM404C Communicate effectively with clients

add topic HLTCOM408D Use specific health terminology to communicate effectively

add topic HLTCSD305D Assist with client movement

add topic HLTDEFHC411B Attend to client being transported by road ambulance

add topic HLTPAT304D Collect pathology specimens other than blood

add topic HLTPAT306D Perform blood collection

add topic HLTPAT308D Identify and respond to clinical risks associated with pathology specimen collection

add topic HLTSTE301D Clean reusable medical equipment (Note pre-requ: HLTIN301C )

add topic HLTSTE302D Inspect and pack items

(Note pre-requs: add topic HLTIN301C , HLTSTE308C )

add topic HLTSTE303D Sterilise loads (Note pre-requ: HLTIN301C )

The importance of culturally aware and respectful practice

All workers undertaking work in health need foundation knowledge to inform their work with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients and co-workers and with clients and co-workers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This foundation must be provided and assessed as part of a holistic approach to delivery and assessment of this qualification. Specific guidelines for assessment of this aspect of competency are provided in the Assessment Guidelines for the Health Training Package.

Group B elective - recommended for culturally aware and respectful practice

Where work involves a specific focus on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients or communities, the following elective is recommended:

add topic HLTHIR404D Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people

Group C - general elective units

add topic BSBINM301A Organise workplace information

add topic BSBWOR204A Use business technology

add topic BSBWOR301B Organise personal work priorities and development

add topic CHCCS427A Facilitate adult learning and development

add topic HLTCOM301C Provide specific information to clients

add topic HLTCOM406C Make referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate

add topic HLTCOM407B Provide reception services for a practice

add topic HLTCSD201D Maintain high standard of client service

add topic HLTCSD203D Prepare and maintain beds

add topic HLTCSD306D Respond effectively to behaviours of concern

add topic HLTMS203D Undertake routine stock maintenance

add topic HLTMS206D Perform general cleaning tasks in a clinical setting

add topic HLTMS207D Handle medical gases safely

add topic PUACOM005B Foster a positive organisational image in the community

add topic PUACOM007B Liaise with other organisations (Note pre-requ: PUACOM005B )

add topic PUASAR001B Participate in a rescue operation (Note pre-requ: PUAEME001B )

add topic TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction


    Not Applicable

Entry Requirements

Not Applicable

Licensing Information

Not Applicable

Employability Skills

Refer to the Topic: Introduction to the Employability Skills Qualification Summaries