To be awarded the add topic PMC80116 Graduate Certificate in Refractories Engineering competency must be achieved in ten (10) units of competency:

three (3) core units of competency

seven (7) elective units of competency chosen from Groups A and B, as described below.

A minimum of four (4) units must be selected from Group A

The balance of units, to a maximum of three (3), may be chosen from Group A or Group B to bring the total number of electives to seven (7).

Up to two (2) of the elective units of competency can be chosen from other qualifications in this Training Package, other endorsed Training Packages and accredited courses, as specified in Groups A and B.

Note: Prerequisite units are listed and must be counted in the total number of units required for achievement of the qualification.

Core units of competency

Unit code

Unit title

add topic MSMWHS200

Work safely

add topic PMC557090

Select refractory materials for an application

add topic PMC557091

Design a refractory lining

Elective units of competency

Group A - Specialist electives

Unit code

Unit title


add topic PMC557092

Specify and interpret refractory tests

add topic PMC557093

Design a refractory/ceramic component

add topic PMC557094

Investigate refractory failures

add topic PMC557095

Specify and monitor the installation of monolithic/castable refractories

add topic PMC557096

Specify and monitor the installation of block/precast refractories

add topic PMC557097

Specify and monitor repairs to refractory installations

add topic PMC557098

Specify refractory installation systems

Group B - Other electives

Unit code

Unit title


add topic MSL916005

Manage complex projects

add topic MSMENV672

Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

add topic MSS407013

Review continuous improvement processes

add topic MSS407002

Review operations practice tools and techniques

add topic MSS407007

Respond to a major non-conformance

add topic MSS407012

Lead a process to determine and solve root cause for a complex problem

add topic PMC557001

Manage trials

Up to two (2) relevant units may be chosen from this Training Package; other endorsed Training Packages and accredited courses where those units are packaged in a Diploma or above.

Entry Requirements

Entrants to the PMC80116 Graduate Certificate in Refractories Engineering are required to have one or more of the following:

Bachelor Degree in Engineering or related discipline

Bachelor Degree in Science or related discipline

a relevant Diploma, such as the PMC60116 Advanced Diploma of Manufactured Mineral Products, together with significant relevant vocational practice

extensive relevant vocational practice with a different qualification to those mentioned above or without formal qualification.

For the purposes of entry to this qualification, the term 'vocational practice' is defined as experience of:

designing of new refractory installations and/or repairs

project managing refractory installations

assisting in a significant way with the above.